Mount Bromo's horseman

by Prakarsa Rarindra

mount bromos horseman eruption east horse bromo java prakarsa rarindra

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Category: Journalism

Published: Sunday 12th of December 2010 11:35:34 AM


Esteban Rios

Very nice perspective and composition, the sharpness and colourful is great. I´d suggest a bigger size, this picture really deserves to be showed in big.

Saleem Khawar

amazing...Full marks

Scott Cromwell

This is really an exceptional photograph.  I agree with the first comment totally.  It's too good and there's too much to take in to fully enjoy the view at only 500 pixels wide.

Marta Eva LLamera

Congratulations, one more time. Best Regards.

Ramon Monegal

Hi, Rarindra.

Just amazing... Its point of view, clarity, tones, composition.... are absolutely outstanding.

Well done!

Kind regards,


Art Xanthopoulos

its a fantastic image , very well done

Zsolt Andras Szabo

beautiful colors and tones. very good photo.

final toto

eksplosif! mantab!!


8! :))

David Barstow

Spiritual, Mystical and Harmonious come to mind...

Very, very good!

Orhan Köse
Hi Very good compozition.

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