by Soini Hannu

ice skirts canes winter seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Monday 22nd of November 2010 05:43:57 PM


Museeb Jasim

Very nice capture.


Daisy Diane

nice photo. but i dont  feel impress on it. no feeling.

Hannu Soini
Thank You !

Daisy: - Wellcome to I am impressed that you choosed my photos for first to C&C&R..The current rating system does not offer combined rating system based on generally accepted values related to photos. Writing and describing something visual (meaning just the visual- some people describe their feelings/emotions, which they associate to the photo) is more difficult to some people and easier to others. Most people consider that whatever they write is too time consuming. Photos which require critics are not high on the priority list,- it is always easier to write "great shot" "Good capture". Good suggestions below a bad photo is a rare finding:). Keeping  still in mind that once someone is known to the community you can judge even their short comments in the light of their previous comments and their own work-this is propably the most compensating element for the present rating system. Most people post photos which they like themselves or consider worthwhile for others to look, some have other motives. There is a long list or other reasons and that might vary from time to time? Some people are sending photos just for testing the reaction it causes ? Maybe, there is a past discussion of the topic ? Have a look around the site - there are lots of information and discussions of various topics. Anyhow, all the best to you and hoping to see and hear more from you in all activity areas of

Museeb: Thank You for your kind words, I am glad you like the photo. br Hannu

Hannu Soini
Ice Skirts Snow strorm approaching.C&C&R the way you feel best. Thank you for your time.

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