Old Lady with Newspaper

by Malcolmson David

old lady with newspaper seeking critique malcolmson david

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Category: Portrait

Published: Thursday 26th of December 2002 05:41:37 PM


Sébastien Pepinster
Just admirative... Il love your B&W photos. They make me remember the great times of Timelife Magazine. They are full of life and fix just the present moment. I'm trying to make such pictures but they are not developped yet. I hope they will be as good as yours. Go on doing such a good job. Congratulations David, congratulations.

Ri©k Vincent
So far, very underrated, imo. Very good beginning work. What do you think of some cropping off the left and top for a tighter and not so head-centered composition.

David Marsh
What a great capture! I love portraits done with window light. She looks like she was a very lovely lady.

Pauli Peura
Great use of available light here.

Zahara Khan
The light creates a somewhat hazy effect, which is too good for me. You have indeed been successful in your effort. Love the picture and the lady!

Qamar Mehdi
amazing light great image especially the light made it amazing !

David Malcolmson
Old lady with newspaper This was one of my very first photos (I was nineteen at the time). I wanted to achieve a painterly effect with the light as well as reveal the personality of this dear old lady (my grandmother).Did I achieve either of my aims?

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