Rose and berry arrangement, Whole Foods Grocery, Raleigh, NC

by Barman Dilip

rose and berry arrangement whole foods grocery ral barman dilip

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Published: Tuesday 24th of December 2002 09:05:42 AM


Lamar McInnis, Sr.
If you take the time to set this up and light it, you should use foliage (leaves) that are near perfect rather than clipped and marred. The white flowers have lost most of the detail and are washed out with over-exposure.The rose is not sharp as it is too far in front of the sharpest focus, the berries. Why hide the taller white flower behind the berries? IMHO you have rushed this shot, being enamored by the vivid colors and forgetting about the aesthetics. You had a lot to work with, but the elements are lost to the technical treatments in lighting and exposure. Take more time and carefully choose all the picture elements and their placements more carefully.

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