The Embracement

by B Gabi

the embracement seeking critique b gabi

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Category: Architecture

Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 300.000000
Y Resolution : 300.000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows

Published: Monday 1st of November 2010 11:53:32 PM


Vincenzo Corbo

Really awesome shot. The deformation is the key point here. Symmetry is almost perfect and the sense of an aisle endless is really strong. I really like the small group of people while the remaining infinite chairs are empty.

Marianna Safronova

Superb composition that makes already spectacular  sight  fantastic and surreal. Great light and DOF. Golden reflection in the middle of the floor adds to the image.


Best regards,




Rita Chiliberti

Bella interpretazione!!! Ciao.

Gunnar Vaht

I like the perspective and effect. Nice symmetric composition, and people add some life. Very good image!

Simon Hickie - Melbourne, Derbyshire, UK

Technically excellent and well composed and lit. A fine effort.

Christopher Schlaf
I agree

Just wonderful

Liz Weisiger
What's really great for me is the impact I get from seeing the thumbnail of this image, and then opening it up and getting stunned at the immensity and beauty of this church. I think the distortion makes an incredible difference in how I perceive the size. Also, the folks in the front add to the sense of humanity, for whom this space was intended.

Hamid Reza Farzandian

Just wonderful superwide capture! Unbelievable! Bravo.


Timothy Minich
Great use of the lens and great subject matter. I love the detail and the fact that there are people in the picture.

Zsolt Andras Szabo

outstanding perspective and exposure.

Jesus Salazar

Amazing shot!!!

Wendy de Kok

Amazing viewpoint, really the unique view on this beautiful building.

Altghough the photo has a lot of deformations I don't find it disturbing.

The colors and clarity ar great too, thanks for sharing!

Pedro Cobo

Spectacular and original. Very original perspective !!

It's a fantastic job... I like this one more than others like Notedrame. It's strong!

Thanks for share



Dino McEwan

I adore this shot!!! The clarity is amazing as is the DOF. You have captured a wonderful moment in time. Well done. One question though...what program did you use for the border and titles and how did you include it.



Frank Sines
Frank Sines

I think Bo expressed it best: as being swallowed by the the large structure and the human element bringing it all back to reality. While I'm writing this critique, the image is cropped on my screen so only the lower half of the image is visible. It looks like it was shot with just a somewhat wide angle lens, not a fisheye. When I scroll up the whole perspective changes as the upper portion again dominates the image. Still a wonderful shot, the ambient lighting in the upper portion of this great hall is wonderful.


rahele saeeda

good composition reminds me perfct harmony!

Jef Van den Houte

Strong compostion

Emil Motei

This is simply flawless....A+++

Patrick Hudepohl
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

Please note the following:

Matt Laur
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

I'm still trying to get my head around the geometry of this voluptuous composition, the better to understand the roles of position, lens, and (any?) post production. I was going to grouse about the people at the lower left, but have decided I like the job they're doing to help establish scale. It's a fascinating image.

John A
The Embracement by Gabi B

When I first looked at this, I was sort of ambivalent once I realized what it was. Another POW--this week--that is a bit on the gimmicky side IMO but then I did find if I let go of trying to look at the image for what it was, it does have a certain charm about it.

For me, it is the most successful images Gabi has done like this. The reason I think I feel this way is because the image is successful working as an abstract in its own right and yet has the grounding of its reality. After looking at the others in the photostream and the two following this one (the arrows next to this image--I still don't understand why these things don't show up in the person's photostream?) I got tired pretty quickly of this technique but for some reason, not this image. Regardless of how this image was done, the fisheye look is one that can get old pretty quickly if it is too obvious and I think that is what I felt as I looked through the series of images Gabi has done. This one is one that seems to be able to transcend the technique a bit better because the distortion created an abstract form which I think is rather pleasing.

I do think some of the other images do have a certain appeal to them, I just find that the repetition is what starts to minimize the individual appeal of the images--except this one.

Alberta P.
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

Well that's odd. I replied earlier and my post is gone - zip - vanished. And it was rather complimentary too. I'm enjoying this Photo of the Week (for a change :) I find it eleganant, due in no small part to the color palette which I realize is out of the photographer's control. I love the way the humans are dwarfed by the scale and seeming enveloping embrace by the ceiling (great title, Gabi!) I'm not so sure the top of the photo is necessary. The embrace might be more powerful if the image were cropped to about 1" below the top border making it an open embrace. Good job!

Taz Rahman
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

This wins for symmetry. There is also a computer game interior feel about it. It is deceptively good in all possible way.

PJ Gaule
The Embracement by Gabi B

For me, it's an image where good technique and vision complement each other. Within the peculiar technical constraints of a fisheye lens, it captures an interesting form that expresses in a symbolic way something of the essence of the building it portrays. Whether the form evokes an embrace or - more aptly still in my view - a chalice, it provokes a sense of admiration and awe, which is exactly what the architects intended to convey in the first place. The nicely controlled contrast in lighting and colour, between the bright gold of the coffered ceiling and the sombre grey of the arches and pillars, lies at the heart of the whole creation and, I would think, is what makes it so attractive.

Mario Lopez
The Embracement by Gabi B

Analizing your image, from the point of view as arquitectural photographer,in my opinion the image is clearly done finding the aesthetic viewpoint, not finding an acurate perspective and an acurate relation between volume and elements,.The point is catch our eyes and mantaining the visual interest,and you have got.The timing is acurate (I imagine that is under a HDR tech). The people sitting in a corner adds a touch of tension because breaks the architectural symmetry, I like it .In some occasions is necesary and good to decide to include the human being to show the physical dimension of building...Spectacular I have no doubt.Regards

John A
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

Someone mentioned the shape of a chalice, does anyone else see the shape of the POW cup?!?

Bo Østergaard Jepsen
The Embracement by Gabi B

I think the warped perspective adds to the feeling of the immense size of the church. It seems we, as viewers, are being swallowed by this oncoming, massive building. The people in the foreground add to the sense of scale, and also give a contradictory feeling of calm and peace, in stark contrast to the feeling of being swallowed by the church.

Beautiful image.

JDM von Weinberg
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

Just when I thought I'd seen enough fish-eye images to last me for a long time, too many of them the same old thing, along comes this one. However it was done, I like it a lot. Almost causes vertigo. :)

Emmanuel Enyinwa
The Embracement by Gabi B

Excellent choice!

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

very good and original work, congratulations

Ann Davies
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

I think that the image is very compelling. The texture in the grey stone, around and above the pillars, is outstanding. My suggestions for improvement:

The windows are blown out. The three in the back wall along with their reflection are the bigger problem. Those along the sides simply stop the eye briefly. I suggest making windows a light cyan and darkening the highlights on the floor.

The longitudinal molding above and below the circular elements just above the black stone molding have lost texture detail. I suggest darkening them slightly.

In terms of composition: there are lots of lines leading to the back of the room, but there is nothing there. I find this disappointing. If the people in the front had a bit more contrast, it would pull our attention back to them and resolve the disappointment. Make the white elements lighter white and the black elements - very black, being careful not to mess with the skin tones.

Radu Carp
The Embracement by Gabi B

Compliments Gabi for this idea and way you did it.All this lignes and architecture shapes in this point of view comes to be so powerful.I find it original and succesful one.

Anders Hingel
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

When one compares with how this Basilica is shot by others (see here an example), this photo of Gabi is just glorious.

As far as I can see in Gabi's portfolio it is also one of the most succeeded of his, using extreme wide angles like here. I don't really care about the over-kill happening using wide-angle lenses by many photographers, when you see a shot like this that clearly adds to the experience one has of even visiting the place oneself.
The quality of the photo is superb and the fact that a small group of people are sitting in the first row adds to the impression of an immense divine space of light and colors.

This is a very redecorated Basilica (19th century) as far as I know. Having the same eye and technic for more ancient places in Rome would be a gift for us all.

Beautiful work Gabi.

Ken Thalheimer
The Embracement by Gabi B

A well done use of the fish eye distortion. A terrific composition. At first I wasn't crazy about the people sitting there. After another look, they do well to serve as a sense of scale to the volume of space here. A fitting title as well

Museeb Jasim
The Embracement by Gabi B

Without controversy, this is one of the most beautiful internally captured photo.

But I say with my deep regret, I have feeling that the effect of the lens distortion is not that realistic.

Is barrel distortion occurs with the front lines only ? really I don’t know.

Bobby Karimipoor
The Embracement by Gabi B

This is a great architectural,shot.At the first step,the composition and veiw are very eye-catching.The details,described as well as possible and the light managing is very good,also.
Best regards(Bobby).

Ernest B.
The Embracement by Gabi B


For anyone not already convinced of the merits of this image, just compare it to a "standard" photograph of the same interior (link below) for originality, technical excellence and sheer fascination:


Sidsel Tonnessen
The Embracement by Gabi B

I find the perspective and depth in this photo just fantastic. The 4 people make a contrast to the size of the room so we get a feeling of how big it is. The also contributes to the mood of the picture.
Congratulations Gabi.
Regards Sidsel

Jim Dockery
The Embracement by Gabi B

I love it as a creative interpretation of a beautiful building and agree with all the complements given above. When I look at the standard views though I see that this is not even close to the true look and feel of the place. Wonderful art, not so good at documentory illustration.

Marie H
The Embracement by Gabi B

Aesthetically, I don`t find this `through the looking glass `kind of image pleasing as a photo of an already beautiful place. But if you take it for what it is, namely, an exaggeration of perspective, and an abstract image, then it rates high for creativity.

Hannu Soini
The Embracement by Gabi B

Something old, something new, the perspective still within limits, despite the distortion, which makes it maybe more interesting. Fine photo and good choice for discussion.

Carolyn Dalessandro
The Embracement by Gabi B

I find this so interesting..I just want to hang out and keep looking...trying to understand why I like it so much. It keeps playing.

A.K. Sircar
The Embracement by Gabi B

It is the perspective and exposure which make this image original and interesting. The distortion of columns are not distracting.Inclusion of people gives an idea of scale and infuses life into the image. To me this is an admirable image.

Kah Hoe Wan
The Embracement by Gabi B

Picture is very interesting. the composition is great but not as skillful as one would think . i get it, it has nice lines and symmetry but its just too straight, and feels like it was pushed. Its still a great photo tho.
What doesn't work is the HDR kinda feel going on with this picture, it feels bland. It will be better if the photo has lights and darks, shadows and highlights. Maybe even in black and white.

Aaron Falkenberg
The Embracement by Gabi B

I'm not fond of the distortion, at all, in this image. To me, it is the architectural equivalent of those bloated and distorted animal faces with goofy expressions you see on greeting cards.

Aaron Falkenberg
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

The technique reminds me of another POW some time back by Carsten Ranke,Potsdamer Platz.

Leonardo Villalobos
The Embracement by Gabi B

fantastic capture, excellent work, I would like to know what kind of lens did you use, thanks
Best regards

Francesco Martini
The Embracement by Gabi B

This is a superb image!!!
But i'm a little courius of Your tecnique in this shot...
This is only one shot, or 2-3- shots???
Have you used the fish-eye?????

Coud you write about????? :)
Francesco Martini

Gabi B
The Embracement by Gabi B

Thank You for your critiques, comments and your support.
It is a panorama shot (7 photos - D90, Sigma 10-20).

Francesco Martini
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

Tanks!!! Gabi!!!!
Panorama or not Fantastic!!!!!!!!
Francesco Martini

Doug Williams
Response to The Embracement by Gabi B

Not sure what to think. It is effective as am image but I don't think I would have used the ceiling. The composition is awkward, to much on top (but that may be the point). I like playing with this kind of photo but I think it could be better if the distortion related better to the architectural form. I think it is going to far away from what is already there. That being said I still think it is an interesting image.
Doug Williams

Gabi B
The Embracement Thanks.

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