Polish beauties ( Polki sa najpiekniejsze! )Wawel, Krakow

by Panagiotidis Chris

polish beauties polki sa najpiekniejsze wawel kr seeking critique panagiotidis chris

Gallery: Krakow, Poland

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Portrait

Published: Thursday 28th of October 2010 04:06:09 PM


Margo Wade

Nicely focused and composed.    A good outcome given what I suspect were difficult lighting conditions. 

Don Bryant

For me these colors are too saturated. Is there some HDR'ing going on.


Albert Renau

i agree wirh the HDR comment, te saturation and contrast is too much

Chris Panagiotidis

...Thehank you for the visit and your time to comment. This is not an HDR. Just dodging to bring out details of the shaded areas . 

Gail Harmer

What an excellent shot of these two lovely young ladies.  I'm sure you brought out these beautiful smiles on such a sunny day! Warm regards, Gail

Chris Panagiotidis
The bride and her lady photographer.... ...in Wawel Palace, where the photo session was taking place. I had the opportunity for a chat and some photos -with their kind permission

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