Pulling in

by pandey umashankar

pulling in andaman fishermen seeking critique pandey umashankar

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Published: Friday 22nd of October 2010 03:19:59 PM


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Good angle on this shot. Maybe you could have gone even further up to the last person, and let hem fill the full right of your photo ! Well done !

Maurizio Moro

A wonderful capture, my dear, I hope, new friend! See you soon!...Ciaomau!

Tenzin Lodoe

Beautifully Captured...

Ranga Rathnam

Lovely capture.

The coastline, shoreline and the ropeline make a lovely 'S". So if you had positioned yourself so that this 'S' filled the whole frame, it could have enhanced the value of the shot. Also the dog seems to be a very curious onlooker and might have been given more prominence. Just my opinion. I really don't know how much 'elbow room' you had before you pressed the shutter.

Karolos Trivizas

This is an excellent and very vivid action scene Umashankar nicely composed with great depth....

The beautiful cloudy sky enriches your image....

Mehmet Akin

good documentary...congrats

umashankar pandey
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