Yacine #7

by Sousa Dias Nana

yacine sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 18th of December 2002 09:27:16 PM


Jim Vanson
Great model, light & composition. Skin tones are fantastic. Superb print and presentation. Classey way to present your signature. I'd love to see a 18x18 inch wet darkrooms fiber print of this.

Alex Hawley
Excellent skin texture and tone. Love the eyes.

José Carvalho
excellent portrait... liked croping, light control and composition...

Raymond Soemarsono
Amazing quality as usual, Nana. First class portrait. Pleasing lighting.

Serge Kozak
This is very good !

Jose Santos
Yacine #7 The ligh is fine giving dimention to the photo. I'd prefer see more space upper front and less of chest. Good stuff Nana

P. B.
I think this is one of the best in the folder. I would like to see a face shot of this woman with the light higher (or her lower) and the light more frontal, more like Rembrandt lighting.

Avatar Oesterly
Classic studio light

Detlef Klahm
very intense...good lighting and crop

Bert Armijo
An exceptional work. The lighting and the eye contact are wonderful!

L. ,
I would like to know how you manage to give these tones to the photo. Is this after photo processing? Digital?

Chris Blaszczyk
Great light control. I see you were not affraid do go fully with one source for each side with just catchlite on her right eye. Very well done.

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