Mother's Love

by Vnoucek Fred

mothers love mara masai vnoucek fred

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Published: Tuesday 17th of December 2002 03:40:05 PM


Arnab Pratim Das
If I could give it more than 7s, I would. Lighting a bit harsh though looks warm, late afternoon light. Impossible to control anyway.

Bia Nka
.....incredible! what a moment of tenderness in this image! It's amazing and...i love it! In addition the wonderful light emphasizes the colours perfectly!

Jon Flynn
National Geo Good magazine cover pic congrats.

Gaetan Chevalier
Superb composition with great colors!

Ruby Nogah
Beautiful. You really have the BEST wildlife photos.

Ken Williams ...
The captured moment is a classic for sure Fred ..................... But the tree 'growing' out of her back might have been improved by moving a few steps to the right or left ...........

Henry Chavez
Tender I am adding you to my favorites. I am curious; how long did you spend and how much film did you take to get what looks like a once in a life time photograph? I simply love it!

Suzanne Berry
What a moment you've captured Fred! I agree about the tree, but otherwise a wonderful shot!

Vincent K. Tylor
This is fantastic! A sensitive or delicate moment in a very harsh environment. Love the lighting here also. Great capture!

Simone Maria Navarra
Truly an impressive shot, congratulations.

Blaise Fiedler
Fred, Your pictures are incredibly beautiful. This one is splendid - warm sun set light, great position, nice accacia tree. Are you a professional photograher?

Fred Kamphues

Top class.

Scott Bulger
Not knowing what your situation was, if you could have moved to the right and caught more of a profile I think that would have helped. Still excellent though.

Mary Ball
Don't agree at all that the light is harsh... It is wonderful warm glowing late afternoon magic light and exposed perfectly. Love it!!! I do wish the tree was not exactly where it is though. Notice how the giraffe's leg ends up lining up exactly with the tree - that is the only flaw in the image. Think moving angle to the right with the tree to the Mom just slightly to the right of her rear would have made an absolutely perfect shot. Nice capture Fred!

Spectacular What beautiful color. This is another perfect shot. Well done Fred...

R. Jaafar
Lighting is perfect,Superb work !!! Regards

john paskey
Again, great shot. Everything from the lighting, subject, dark sky and the mountain ridge in the background work well together for an excellent composition. The tree mentioned in an above comment does not bother my at all, as I did not even notice it lined up with the leg until I read the comment. --- one question I have is, what do you do for a living? These aren`t zoo shots and you are constantly downloading shots from the arctic to africa. Probably the best group of wildlife shots I have seen from a single photographer.

C. Jaeger
wonderful photo

Erich Rohaczek
very great photo

Siobhan Grandison
Beautiful moment. I like the dof in this as theres just enough tree detail and good sky for background.

Sonja Hausen
very wonderful capture

julie nicholson
Mother's Love Fred, wonderful photo. You can't get a shot like this at the zoo thats for sure.

Lilly Brand
This is a so lovely photo.Nice nice nice.

Rafik Kamel
lovely shot with interesting lighting, welldone, regards, RK!

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