Last of the Mohicans

by pandey umashankar

last of the mohicans mangroves andaman seeking critique pandey umashankar

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Category: Landscape

Published: Tuesday 12th of October 2010 05:58:37 PM


Alexander Hess

since your colors are very unsaturated, I wonder if this would maybe even look better in b/w. Just an idea ...

I don't know how the image would continue to the bottom, but if possibly I would have tried to include some more of the stones.

All the best,


umashankar pandey

Thanks Alexander and Karolos. I'd have loved to include a bit more of the foreground but somehow the overall effect was not appealing enough.

Mangroves not only act as a crucial buffer between the land and the sea, they help maintain the delicate ecological balance too. Sadly, they are a fast disappearing race.

Karolos Trivizas

In my opinion the unsaturated colors enhance the natural moody atmosphere of this palce, so are OK....

Concerning the composition, maybe would include some more rocks of the f/g, but anyway is nicely balanced with perspective and depth....

This trees are very interesting...???

umashankar pandey
Last of the Mohicans Waiting for your precious views:

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