Busy hour in floating market Lok Baintan, South Borneo

by Prakarsa Rarindra

busy hour in floating market lok baintan south bor pasar apung asia indonesia lokbaintan prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: The Workers IV

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Category: Journalism

Published: Monday 11th of October 2010 02:02:48 PM


Nicole York

great shot, colorful and a hint of a curve, well done!

Ranga Rathnam

Excellent colors, perspective and lighting. Perspective brings out very well the natural formation of the boats which is orderly and clustered.

jorge fernandez
Dear Rarindra,

Amazing image of hard work and colorful image my friend.  Fantastic presentation of daily struggle!!!   Warm regards from Miami.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Floating market Taken in Sout Borneo. Thanks.

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