Torch to the Sky

by Soini Hannu

torch to the sky seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Saturday 25th of September 2010 04:51:08 AM


Alf Bailey
Hi Hannu

I took similar shots as this last summer, but wasn't happy with any of them, but you seem to have done a great job in this capture. I remember waiting about 2 hours for the right shot and it just never came. The problem being that these guys are moving about at quite a speed and unless they approach you from the right direction it's hard to capture. I like the corner to corner composition of this image and the moody sky. The only small concern it the overexposed extreme left of the shot, but this could possibly be toned down a notch in photo shop or lightroom.

Nice work Hannu.

Kind Regards


Hannu Soini
Hi Alf !

Thank you for your comment and advice. The circumstances when taking these kind of photos are just as you describe...and at the same time you try to enjoy the show:) -and your point is very true.

The photo is cropped but still "available light photo" with slight modifications. Correcting the overexposed area with PS is above my skills and adjusting the tones generally would have taken away the tones from the sail so - I preferred to have it more documentary- and did not even try to make the photo "better in that sense".

I post an other version taken just a few seconds later when the light is hitting the sail more from the back.

Thank you again for commenting - I do appreciate it.

All the best Hannu

Hannu Soini
Torch Drive Torch 8 Test drive. C&C with the best way you feel. Thank You for your time.

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