Cherokee Country, 2003 (Please view LARGE)

by Kelly Landrum

cherokee country please view large seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Wednesday 22nd of September 2010 12:37:43 AM


Jack McRitchie

An excellent picture, Lannie, as well as an interesting explanation. This picture has heart.

deb cloud
Very Nice Image Lannie

I very much enjoy viewing this image and I really enjoyed reading your story as well.


Tom Wiggins

Lannie:  Nicely done landscape, do think a little haze removal would help.



Landrum Kelly

Thanks, Tom.  I'll try to replace it with a version using USM for non-sharpening purposes (settings: 20%, radius = 60, threshold or clipping = 4).


Nice tip.  It does work, although how it works puzzles me.


Thanks to Deb and Jack as well.



Landrum Kelly
Cherokee Country, 2003 I am part native American, and what I like about this picture is that one can see mountains from the three states in which the Cherokee lived before the arrival of Europeans. The monadnock in the foreground is Six Mile Mtn., a small knob in the South Carolina piedmont north of Clemson and west of Greenville. Left of it and in the background is Whiteside Mtn. near Highlands, NC, the highest cliff in the eastern U.S. Mountains to the right are mostly the SC section of the Blue Ridge Mtns., whereas at the extreme left the NC Blue Ridge Mtns. are fading off into the mountains of northeast Georgia. I would like to know exactly where my own native American ancestors lived, but I never will. The odds are pretty good that they knew this country well, including the Piedmont as well as the mountains proper. This was the very heart of the Cherokee nation, and we are believed to be descended from the Cherokee rather than some other tribe--but we cannot even prove that. The shot was made from a bridge on SC 93 near the towns of Norris and Central, SC. Comments welcome. --Lannie

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