Afternoon Light II

by Kelly Landrum

afternoon light ii seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Monday 20th of September 2010 02:50:18 AM


Jack McRitchie
Hi Lannie

These haybales, as photogenic as they are, have been done to death. So it's with rare pleasure that I find a picture like this that presents the subject in  a fresh light while remaining true to its inherent romantically bucolic nature. Old masterly, I might say.

Kim Slonaker

Compared it to the color version - I REALLY like this treatment of it.  Almost an artistic rendering and just very appealing.

Tom Wiggins

Lannie:  I think I've seen this photo before, color.  I very much like the treatment.  It gives the photo a very antique look.  Tom 

Jamie Kraft
simple stuff

i've recently started to love compositions with only a few elements.

Landrum Kelly

Thanks so much to everyone--but I have to say to Bill that I was beginning to wonder if you were still alive.  All that I can say is that I am so glad they caught it in time.  Sounds far too close for comfort.  My own injury was probably caused by removing a rather intransigent car battery positioned (and curiously stuck) in the back of the engine--no traumatic pain at the time, a sign of age and deterioration, I fear.

Oh, well.  I hope that we are both still shooting till the end, Bill.  Great to hear from you.  Your own near miss reminds me that my treadmill is going to waste--and it just might save my life if I will use it.


Trisha Jean-Angela

I really like the sepia tone and the watery effect you have given this photo; really makes it unique and becomes more about the mood than the subject...very well done! Thank you for sharing. :)

W J Gibson

Lannie, thanks for stopping by my photo folders recently.

Sorry to hear about your rotator cuff, heal quickly so you n get out and shoot more photos.

I just dodged a bullet of sorts:


I have been more active on flickr but expect to get back in the swing of things on this fall.


thanks again for stopping by

Landrum Kelly
Afternoon Light II Comments welcome.


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