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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Thomas Andrew Hall
Good She is made for the camera. I noticed you said on another photo that you can't do artistic nudes, so you do glamour. I'd love to see you take a stab at it with this model, a few rolls of black and white film, and one strobe with a softbox. I bet you could surprise yourself. You've clearly got the compositional talent.

Cnaan Liphshiz
Brainy The fact that one does know how brainy she is (too...), is what makes this photo so darn good. Or, for that matter, good at all. Her refined, educated and well aware expression stands in a wonderful opposition with the broulesque pose and not-so-self-aware rump. Exquisite (Pass it on to this lovely creature).

Itai Behar
nice ass, quit the artistic mumbling!...:-)

Fred Vnoucek
I made up my mind. like the image and the model and the colors! great!

Michael Castellano
Lovely model, nicely posed. One minor beef: I'd like to see more light on her beautiful hair.

Itai Behar
hey, ive looked around and seen your folders, and found plenty of wonderfull works as "Nude Figure Studies". i apreiciate the work your doing with the "young ladies" but my main critisism will be to your poses and locations. i would like to see these woman in a more natural and day to day situations. there is something degrading to these works from the picturesqe-theatrical-modeling-poses theme.(phew!). too much turn of the century (19-20) feeling to it. not all of them, your best works, imo, are the ones who break away from this. keep it up! cheers itai

Alec Ee
Still one of your best models. Lovely composition.

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