Golden Gate Bridge from the Air

by Papai Ken

golden gate bridge from the air seeking critique papai ken

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Published: Sunday 8th of December 2002 08:51:36 PM


Ken Papai
Filter? Just a standard UV filter. I was not too filter-knowledgeable back then when I snapped this shot. Maybe a little Fuji Velvia instead next time? Cheers! (also, too bad about those smudge marks from the plexiglass window of the airplan)

Matt Marshall
There's about half a dozen blurred spots to the right of the bridge which I can't tell if it's marks on the window or the texture of the water (really nice, btw). I love the colours...I can imagine this appearing somewhere in a National Geog. mag.

james russ
more color? Did you consider using any kind of filter to give the photo more definition?

John Pettitt
Tide lines A lot of the stuff to the east of the bridge is the tideline where the current ids minxing as the tide changes. - Nice shot.

Bryce Walker
It's not too often that I come accross a picture like this. I love the subdued feeling and colors and the composition is fantastic. Definately looks like something done for a magazine.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Absolutely lovely!!

Ken Papai
I appreciate all comments and ratings on this High over the Bridge. Thanks! Ken. Single Engine plane heading north about 2000' above the Golden Gate Bridge. I shot this through a plexiglass window which didn't detract too much nor distort the light. Of course I appreciate any and all comments or plain ratings.

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