Golden Waves

by Safronova Marianna

golden waves second utah buttes fine art photography lig safronova marianna

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Tags: second golden utah buttes fine art photography light wave north coyote seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Thursday 16th of September 2010 12:09:07 PM


Marianna Safronova

Dear Frank,


Thank you for your comment! I do ask for comments on all the photos,

so I don't know what may be wrong with comment option on the other one.

I definitely entered it for critique.

It the comment link not active? (Few people left comments, some may see it).


Best regards,


Carolyn Dalessandro

Caught beautiful light...I like how it pulls my eyes right to the top of the image.

Pamela Franklin

Stunning with the lines and light. Color that pops off my monitor and excellent angle choice by you.

Warm regards, Pamela

Frank Ostyn

Hi, very nice, and nice portfolio. Actually, I liked the other picture , stopped motion, even better, but you are not asking for comments on that one :-)

The way you find your colours is very impressive, congrats.  

Joann Tippett

Simply gorgeous

Marianna Safronova
Golden waves Comments are welcome!

Best regards, Marianna

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