Above Turn 3

by Papai Ken

above turn papai ken

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Published: Saturday 7th of December 2002 08:10:22 PM


Jeffrey Anderson
Nice shot! Another bike photographer. Cool. Now if I can figure out how to mark you as an "interesting" person I'll keep an eye for your next cycling photos.

Ken Papai
Your points are well taken -- those trees are definitely in the way and I like your layers comment -- the racers, the bridge, the boats...

Stephen Hayden
I am very surprised at the low ratings on this shot. There are so many layers! Great job. The only things that kept me from giving a 7 in aesthetics is 1) the distracting trees covering up the bikers on the lower right hand corner(as well as the people covering the crosswalk) and 2) a deep blue sky. The composition is excellent.

Brian Duffy
It bothers me when people don't take the time to really look at a photo before rating it. The bay in the background is very nice. Great shot.

Zach I.
Awesome shot! I could tell you really thought this out.
One thing that I would do is mess with the contrast in photoshop (or some other photo program) via "levels". It seems to have this overall light look across the whole image, and you can really clean that up defining all of the different elements.

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