Yacine #4

by Sousa Dias Nana

yacine sousa dias nana

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Published: Thursday 5th of December 2002 04:35:52 AM


Jim Vanson
Good, very very good. The eye, mouth triangle is strong, the hands framing it makes it more so. I'd burn down the hot spot on the nose and maybe the forehead, then darken the two vertical edges more. Mind you that's just my taste. Bottem line is your shooting eye/talent places you in the top 1 percent of photographers I study.

Mike Ortega
Wonderful tones! I love the light on this one, I am always trying to get the zone correct and this one nails it! It definetly looks to have been rapid selinium toned?? It has the T-max b/w quality also. Very nice

Joel Collins
Simple and elegant. I love it.

Marc G.
This is very good too. Yet, I can't help it to think that the left side of the frame (her right side) actually looks better than her other side...

This leads me to share a few thoughts with you... I know that this is an asymetrical standard lighting set-up, with a single soft box (or bowl diffused through a diffusing pannel ?) to her right. But this has resulted in blowing out the edge of her hand on her left while keeping in a artial darkness the left side of her face - presumably for better volume and texture rendition. There's nothing wrong with that obviously, as it is a well known good and simple set-up. Yet, I somehow believe that such a portrait will become excellent only with a slightly different set-up.

What I would personally go for in such a case would be to flag the light - meaning adding a black bord to block the ligh from touching her left hand too much, The face will then end up darker on that side as well, and here a silver reflector (or aluminum foil) pannel on top (front) left of her may do a better a job at controling the light on the dark side. I'd be curious to hear from you whether you have tried such set-up, and if so, what you think of it... Of course, you would then lose the catch light in the dark side, but since it falls a bit out of place here, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad loss...?

A totally different idea would be to have one softbox each side. The result would be completely different, as it would basically help you get 2 sides which would look pretty much like the bright side in this image. But I'd say it would work well here. And you would get 2 catch lights per eye, which means that no matter where you would go around the frame on the wall, the person will appear to look at you...:-) On another hand, you would of course lose some volume. What say you ? Maybe an opportunity for an interesting exchange of ideas here...? Regards.

Greg Poulsen
My favorite of this series. Lovely tonality - the modeling is wonderful. Lots of very pleasant personality comes through. Of course, the lovely eyes provide a superb focus here - beautiful.

Tanja Stroeier Overgaard
WOW! It´s not only very estetic but she has with her present a magnetic impression on the viewer that´s phenomenal! Realy nice -Tanja

Nana Sousa Dias
I like it simple! Ok, Marc, let's talk about it! I like to keep my lighting routine simple, as if my model was near a big and bright window with a translucid white curtain! I use, usually just one big softbox and a big white reflector, to keep some detail in the dark zone, (Zone IV or III). One of the reasons why I prefer this routine is that, like this, I can set it very fast and concentrate in my model 100%! If you walk around your model, setting up the flash heads, white or black reflectors and so on, for a long time, you will loose "That Look" on your model's face, because he or she will be bored!

Raul Drechsel

Monika Brand

Stefan Rohner

Nagrom Gnalk
Beautiful... Beautiful timing, Beautiful pose, Beautiful woman, Beautiful contrast, Beautiful eyes, beautiful crop... etc, etc. I liked it a lot.

Carlos H.
this is a fine portrait. Intimate.

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