Sound of music

by Prakarsa Rarindra

sound of music asia sekolah anak happiness indonesia prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: The Kids VIII

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Published: Thursday 2nd of September 2010 09:15:45 AM


Kaur Lass
Music is fun

Truly lovely photo, music is fun. What I have always loved about painting drawing or playing musical instrument is that if you are into it, you live in the moment. Can't do art in future, only now. It gives calm mind and lets the soul sing. As here in the picture. 

Birte Ragland

Love your work, photography at its best.

Francesco Pessolano
Outstanding. I might have cropped this one a little bit more central. For the rest, it has a great atmosphere, nice colors, nice expressions. Again, outstanding.

Erik Thomson

Another great shot by you - lots of joy in this one. I love all your pictures, your are a real master of the use of light. Regards, Erik

Carolyn Dalessandro

Raarindra, I know you have heard over and over how wonderful your work is and I agree but I wanted to also say that your work feels delightful,fun,creative and the kids mostly are smiling...ahhh,refreshing. Beautiful work indeed. Thank  you for your sharing your gifts.

R Ragstatic

this one....great mood and moment. but I know you could do better. that dark circle is unnatural ...a subtle grad - circular may have worked better , with your subject selection tools. 

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