Rock Sky (View in large please)

by Soini Hannu

rock sky view in large please seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Wednesday 1st of September 2010 10:00:43 PM


Hannu Soini

Thank You Pierre! I am glad you enjoy the dramatics here:) 


Excellent Hannu! My daughter would love this one. She always hangs my photos upside down or side ways. Creative, and appealing.

All the best,

Hannu Soini
Thank you Neil !

for your kind comment - with best regards to your daughter:)

Alberto Quintal

WOW! Amazing, excellent b&w

Linda McLellan

This sort of thing doesn't often work very well, but I think this is an exception! The sky is so dramatic, and then to have floating boulders breaking through the surface adds the element of surprise. Very well done Hannu!

Not Here

Hmmm, Chicken Little was right after all (a child's story about the sky falling) :-)... Very creative... Mike

Hannu Soini
Thank You!

Linda: I agree – you are right in most cases the upside down photos do not work- (the BIG exception is of course when children –use their creative eye and do the necessary:))..

However, when there are enough details to tie the image with the reflection together - like when you are using mirror with the images- it works…So taking the risk with this in mind- I considered that the lake served enough mirror to do the task:)

Alberto: Like said above…the effect is multiplied in B&W- in my experience that is…:)

Mike: Chicken little is/was right. We adults have to admit that sometimes the sky is/will/be falling… 


Amir Hossein Heidarian

very creative idea ... nice composition and exposure . congrats . best regards <<<amir49>>>

Hannu Soini
Thank you for stopping by!

Amir - I am glad you like the photo. Nature kindly offers us endless photo opportunities to be creative... br Hannu

Pierre Dumas
Excellent dramatic looking landscape!

Good contrast for effect, Hannu!





Hannu Soini
Stones from the sky Rock view - C&C are appreciated.

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