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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 1st of December 2002 06:02:35 PM


Landrum Kelly
Tell F.Y. that Melina's face has a slight greenish cast in his "corrected" version. Restoring old faded prints is not easy, since there is usually varying loss of colors.

John Peri
Tony Perkins was doing a film for Jules Dassin in Hydra with Melina Mercouri, Raf Valone etc., called Phaedra. My family knew Melina and I got a bit part in the movie (I was there on holiday anyway). I have several pictures actually of that group which are very pleasing and which I never did anything with ... I guess I could post a few, but they will bore most people.

Ruby Nogah
This is a lovely portrait. I am curious; How did it happen that he posed for you?

John Peri
Photo taken of Tony Perkins when I was a first year student!

Jerry Matchett
John, I,for one, would like to see your pictures of Melina.

John Peri
Ok Jerry. For the moment, I am in a cybercafé, as my computer is not working. .... when I get things going (and find them again!). Best wishes, John

Michele Ciofalo
Boring? Au contraire! John, I am not at all bored by this shot! Anthony Perkins is my all-time favorite actor and seeing him in an unpublished portrait over fourty years old was quite an emotion for me. Thank you very much for sharing this, and please do post more of Melina Mercouri and other celebrities of that time, since you were so lucky as to meet them personally. Other people here have posted photos this old or more, and, whenever I have come across, I have always encouraged them. Time apart, this is a perfectly nice candid portrait and deserves high ratings in its own right - I wonder what is gnawing at some photo.netters around here who bite and run away with 3/3s and the like. Probably you don't care but it is a shame all the same.

F. Y. Awle
This is the one you should have posted originally. Terrific composition, good use of DOF and poignant in it's subject matter. I have updated the appearance due to aging in PS. Let me know if you want me to remove the version.

Michele Ciofalo
John, thank you for the extra photo - it really was a pleasure. Keep posting this "old" stuff, it is still fresh and interesting and you will always have a small but affectionate audience...

John Peri
No John, why should you remove it !? I find your version a little contrasted, but indeed It's better with the knee cropped more tightly. I have several more lying around taken on and around the set, but they would bore most people. I may try and dig up some taken of the night scenes which I remember as being fun, but I will just wait until I come across them again. It's funny that Michele speaks of "celebrities" of the time. As a student, one never thought in those terms. We were so mischievous, it was more like trying to get away with as much as we could in their adult world. We fooled around, behaved like idiots throwing the plates into the set rather than the sea in the boat scene (actually stopping the filming on that night as there were no plates left), stayed up all night so that the "starlette" (Tony's girlfriend in the story) had deep rings under her eyes (resulting in our "pay" being cancelled for a couple of days) etc., etc., For years after Dassin (the producer/director) shook his finger at me whenever he saw me .... Melina had a great sense of humour though and she loved it all!

John Peri
Sorry, I didn't realize that I hads already posted the second picture above.

John Peri
Michele, here is one with Melina.

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