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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 1st of December 2002 11:06:06 AM


Timo Hartikainen
I think her expression could be better...I mean that she is watching something, maybe it would be better if she looked towards the camera... Overall I like it, though.

Alberto Conde
Can't understand why expects Lannie that some would attack this image based on indecency or pornography. I don't see any at all, although unfortunately some fanatics roam free around...

John Peri
Well, you know Alberto, someone found the following images of mine to be "pornographic". He even wrote to my home to continue the argument .... isn't that extraordinary!

Ri┬ęk Vincent
The pose looks a bit uncomfortable. The exposure is right on though.

Brad Kim
Very Artistic!!! Great Composition, too !!

John Peri
Timo is right. She's pregnant now. I'll get her on the couch again later ... looking at her baby.

John Peri
Lannie, you are too generous. It's just a classic pose that I thought I would try too.

Peng Huang
seems some tension in models face & pose? left arm seems pressed against couch? perhaps allow left arm to hand freely away from couch for more slender, relaxed appearance of arm (similar to right).

Maggie O'Sullivan
I love the tone i agree with Lannie. i like this just as i love many of your other ones. i like the tone, the composition, the lighting, all of it. i tried to imagine myself lying this way and i think it would be comfortable so to me she looks very relaxed. her openness and relaxing posture add a lot too. it makes me feel like it's more real than some nudes as her breasts are allowed to relax in a natural way instead of having her pose in a way that accentuates them in a more upright way. and as far as the comment about pornography, you must be kidding ... this is certainly not. i'd hang this in my living room if i was lucky enough to have a large print. none of your stuff is porno.

Nem W. Schlecht
Love the hint of sepia here.

Steve Broyles
i like the warmer tone of this shot vs. the cooler b/w images.

Michael S. Maddox
Classic and Beautiful Wonderful composition and tonality! To me, this is reminiscent of "skylight" studio photography of the late 19th century. Simple, classic, and beautifully done.

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