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by Peri John

cc nude peri john

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Published: Saturday 30th of November 2002 05:44:41 PM


Vlad Tepes
I love her expresion ! Very good , John !

moti komfort
very nice one I love this photo. the tone and the comfort of model face made me look over and over again. I like the fact that is not a simple nude photo/

James .
Such a nice soft feeling of expression. Love her closed eyes and her eyelashes seem to be touching her cheeks as her hand is touching her forehead. She's very cute/pretty.

Alberto Conde
delicate in pose, colours and expression. overall very good and attractive.

Ken Williams ...
The pose is a nice change of pace - for me at least ........ Well done

Jimmy S.
(inappropriate comment deleted - jms)

Elisabet Juan Tresserra
Relaxing. I like the tones. and composition. I'm not sure about hand. Regards.

Brian Peterson
Great Pose. I really like the interesting perspective. I also like the shirt. It adds nice color.

Mark Field
This is the nicest female nude I have ever seen--from her pose, expression, clothing, lighting, everything. I might only have hoped for a darker background. You have gone beyond the norm to make an authentic, organic photograph. You have truly captured a moment here, and I hope to someday be able to do the same. Are there any more in a series that you haven't posted?

Paul Aver
Really great shot. I agree, it would be interesting to see more in this series.

John Peri
Yes Mark, lot's. I try to vary a bit, but if it is of interest, then I will look around. My computer is at "repairs" again (I am in a cybercafé). Maybe all the troubles I have had are due to the hard disk, so we are changing that. After that, I'll get back. Thanks again for the compliment. I seem to annoy as many people as I please, but what would disturb me the most is indifference, so those that occasionally post those silly remarks are not really achieving very much !

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