stove study

by puckett joie

stove study puckett joie

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Published: Saturday 30th of November 2002 05:43:50 PM


Patrick Espiritu
Excellent Shot Hey Joie, Excellent shot. I had to actually stare at it for a moment before i realized what it was. Of course I could have looked at the caption, but that would take away the fun of looking at abstract art. At any rate, you have an EXCELLENT idea typed out in your photo details box. You said "it would be great if we could create photo assignments here on and compile everyone's shots together and learn from the collective photos." I'm guessing if we were able to get more and more users to suggest this to the web masters, perhaps they would? Anyway, love the shot. Pat

Gary Durington
Good close-up. You have to think about what it is to identify it. 6/6

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