Purple color...

by Katka Mycatherina

purple color seeking critique katka mycatherina

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Category: Flower

Published: Tuesday 24th of August 2010 07:48:36 AM


roger sonneland

Mycatherina, a gorgeous image which is usual from you. this one i think i prefer in 'landscape' format,  but is beautiful in any format. Jimmy Hendrix, would have loved your image.

Ovidiu Posta

Beautiful work!

Les Berkley

Lovely study in monochrome.

Esteban Rios

Lovely picture, the colour is beautiful and the composition tasteful.

Best regards.

Herma Ornes

Nice, clean, colorful picture. Captured my eye.

Dror Baldinger

b e a u t i f u l !

i will also second roger's comment (as usual...)

José Esteves Barreto

Your "Flowers" folder is a beautiful garden...

Color here is something special and I also love the lines and shapes natural design.


Michael Klensch

Wow... what a great study in color... it is so intense and yet still somehow subtle.  The selective focus is perfect.


Antonio Da Re
Molto bella !

Fabrizio R.
Excellent flower shoot!

Mycatherina Katka
Purple color... :)

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