Sunset reflected

by Arnold Wolfgang

sunset reflected architecture seeking critique arnold wolfgang

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Exif Information:
Model : NIKON D90
Date Time Original : 2010-07-16 00:51:22
Focal Length : 70/1
Exposure Time : 1/30
F Number : 4.5
Iso Speed Ratings : 200
Metering Mode : 5
Focal Length In35mm Film : 105
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 300.000000
Y Resolution : 300.000000
Software : Capture NX 2.2.4 M

Published: Wednesday 18th of August 2010 07:18:55 PM


Gunnar Vaht

Very interesting reflections, and I also like the light. I would not crop from the bottom, because the windows on the lower part are very beutiful and are most important part of the picture in my opinion. If this picture would be mine I would crop it from the top to square format. But this is just my taste of course:).

Pierre Dumas

I opened this picture in order to see whether the house on the right is to be removed, maybe it is, but no need of cropping the orange windows! Here is my solution!


Mehmet Akin

very good idea and nice image...congrats

Carsten Ranke

Interesting shot, well seen, clever composition. The small house LR is essential, IMO. Holds my interest for a long while, hats off !

Wolfgang Arnold

Many thanks for your comments and proposals!

Gunnar: cropping from top to square format is a great idea - I like that very much, because it mirrors the square windows.

Pierre: cool idea - as I'm typically doing some postprocessing but usually no retouching like this, I didn't think of simply removing disturbing parts.

Mehmet: many thanks for your encouraging comment.


Linda Liebl

Remarkable shot!  All possibilities are good, including the original.  Compliments!  ~~~~~L

Lynn Thomas
I like all of the contrasts here...tall building next to a short one, different all works. Reminds me of Germany.

Wolfgang Arnold

Linda, Carsten, Lynn, Fred: many thanks for your comments and opinions.

Lynn: interesting that it reminds you of Germany - the small building in the background is to me indeed a typical dwelling you find in many German cities which have been rebuild or grown during 1960s and 1970s.

Fred: I guess with your and Carsten's view I'll decide to keep the small building. You have a point about the left edge of the tall building. There is indeed an issue with perspective I didn't notice (or ignored) beforehand. Now that you pointed my eyes to it I find it really annoying... I geuss, this happened because I pointed the camera slightly upwards while keeping right edge of the building in parallel to the borders.

Wolfgang Arnold

this was a quick reply - well observed detail. Seems, this is the other side of the tall building seen at a very small angle and due to slight irregularities of the building itself and different reflections of some areas this looks as if the edge is partly blurred. This was not intended. I tried to find a position from which my line of sight was exactly parallel to the other side and didn't quite succeed. I'll try to attach a cut-out from the original file (turned 90 degrees).


Arthur Plumpton

Wolfgang, thanks very much for this image. Notwithstanding the options for slight reframing, this image really dances for me. The cubes of varying colour and the sky colour are delightful. 

Niels Christian Roe
I like this one,,,because of the non- symmetry,, the beauty in colors and the raw ugly in the concrete,,,,great one,,,,prefere your cutting,,,///,,pure aestethics of time and trend rather boring to me,,,too easy

Tatjana Adizes

Very nice!

Wolfgang Arnold
Colours of East and West at Sunset... ...'real' and reflected.
The foreground shows a part of a modern building designed by Sanaa architecture team. In the background there's a part of a very ordinary residential building. In fact I have my doubts: should this be kept in to gain some counterpoint and tension or: crop it and let colours and modern buildung 'fly' - sacrificing some of the orange reflections in the lower windows.
What do you think?

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