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Published: Tuesday 26th of November 2002 01:40:54 AM


Allan Wallberg
This is a very creative work, very well done, I ´ve tried to rate this picture severel times, A 6/ O 7, but the server hasn´t taken it,sorry about that.

randolph .
comment WOW

Great macro, very well seen for the droplet reflection ! Julien

Simone Maria Navarra
This is outstanding Really an incredible shot, great work!

Mads Hammerich
An excellent folder. only the best for us at the net! Thank You.

Gary Durington
Once in a lifetime. That's almost the way a fairy tale begins. This is almost a perfect shot. Of course, I could be wrong, It maybe perfect. Great, great shot. It really takes a good eye to see this one.

Timo Hartikainen

Henry Domenici
Excellent What a fantastic idea.

Miroslav Chmel
Unbelievable, beautiful shot!

Fed Sanchez
Finding a great background like this in a macro, and then including it as a main subject as well, is quite an achievement!! Perfect DOF to get the background in enough focus to allow recognition, but out enough for a nice blur. The only thing I'd critique, though, is that I'd like a little sharper focus on the ant. Just a suggestion for a title, how about 'Ant Daisy'?

Scott Bulger
Truly remarkable that you actually did this without the aid of any software. Nice set up. Nice image.

Robert McGee
sticks out this one just stuck out from the rest

Bim Paras
I love this image!!! One of the few images I have seen lately that has absolutely floored me.

Dominique Dodge-Wan
Well spotted - terrific photo - it proves that some people are not just very good but "wizards" ... when you think of all the flower photos out there, this one has so much more going for it.

Gaetan Chevalier
Great art work! Superb idea.

Michael Hanford
focus I wonder if the antenae and borders (between ant and background and green stalk and background) look unfocused because it's a JPEG format...from what I recall this format is bad at rendering very sharp contrast regions (eg, cartoons are not saved as JPG images because their sharp distinctions between bordering [usually primary] colors).

Luke Fields
G-g-g-gorgeous! Pardon me, I'm speechless, I need to have my jaw reattached!

Camilla Cherry
Very original and good!

tommi b
great fantastic

John Thorne
absolutely incredible

Gerard Maas
Really GOOD stuff! I seldom see such creative macro work. It's also a real eye-releaf from the recent Photoshop invasion. Keep the good work!. PS: I find the ANT in perfect focus. Agree that the back antennae is not sharp, but it's not needed neither. I'd like to know if you planned the shot... did you wait for the ant to be on place???

Cnaan Liphshiz
Old habits Acid flashback... 0-7 a-7 (although... a sharper focus on the ant would'nt hurt. I like it so much, though, that I can't be bothered.)

Vicente Vazquez
Just incredible!!! Great idea!

Massimiliano Eleota
Bellissima foto It's a best photo. Massimiilano

Siegfried Burgstaller
Most impressive.

Subramanian Narayanan
Aesthetics 7/ Originality 6 Excellent - I couldn't find a better word to describe it.

Mark Plonsky
One of a kind shot. The bug or the drop alone would make a fine image, but together (and with sharp focus) they are fantastic.

1141753 Ant Well there goes any hope of me getting photo of the week !!! What a great shot ! Did you shoot and find all the elements later ??? Just kidding ;=) Great job, I still have to look twice to believe it.. Jim

dalibor talajic
A very good idea!!

Luca Baldassarre

Marc G.
I must say... This picture is really something special... Not the kind of shots I would hang on my wall, but the 7 in originaity is certainly deserved. Excellent - and funny...:-) Cheers.

Nikolay Smolyak

Bert Armijo
I'm a bit of a fan for water drop shots and I LOVE what you've done with this. Excellent work.

Daniel Diniz
Same flower as subject and background. This ant must be so proud of being in a set like that :)

Matt L.
Yes. Nearly Perfect. Awesome!

Rachel Suffian
great shot, great composition.

A.B. van der Weide
if this is not a painted PS-shot than this is perfect photography

Piotr Smolarek
Ant Sunny and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kastaniotis Dimitris
REALLY GREAT Just a question . How did you manage to get the ant where you wanted it? :)
I have tried to shoot bugs but they just don't seem to stay put.
They are really nasty those little buggers.

gisela prishker
gisela prishker Love this picture.Exellent..WOWWWWW

Armindo Lopes
The droplet is the sherry on the top of the cake...

Janice Cheung
perfection! I love the rain drop flower. Great shot!

Ron Chappel
After looking at this for awhile i can easily see how it was done and that it was really quite easy-without manipulation or even 'insect glue'.All the more credit due for the great orriginality of thought!!!very well done!

Sourin Mukhopadhyay
gr8 Man u have a great creative sense, and a easy way to express it!!!!!

Steve Armstrong
WOW from me too! And something to aspire to...

Kristian Hernström
WOW I´m amazed :) 7/7 without no doubt :) /Kristian

deepesh shrestha
Great I just want to say,its just too good.

Arash Jayhun
Very nice! The moment has been hunted.

Kate Temple-Taylor
I am new to this site & until now have been reluctant to comment on any photo's as am unsure if they are digitally enhanced or not. This is a great shot and shows great creativity & skill. Well done

Alex Uchôa
Simply the best insect macro shot that I have seen in my life. True inspirational. 7/7.

Erin Albertson
Great eye. I commend you for such a fantastic shot!

Bill Owens
An all time great photo.

Valeriy Solovey
Great picture! Amazing shot!...I could name it " song of Summer". Thank you! Valeriy www.vsolo.com

Scott Perino
I bought a postcard of this photo recently. Then I stumbled apon it on photo.net just now. Great Job.

G .
Response to by gisle noel This is one impressive macro shot! Apart from the lovely composition, what I especially like is that the reflected flower in the droplet is sharper and clearer than the actual flower. As already mentioned the dof is excellent. Ants aren't easy as they don't stay still for long. Congrats and well done Gisle.

Elliot :)
Response to by gisle noel Awesome! The flower background and the water droplet are what makes this picture great, in my opinion. Very well executed.

Jarrod Connerty
&$!#ing amazing! That this is reality-based photography is truly awe inspiring. I salute your superior talents and creativity.

Richard Pellom (Long live film)
Response to by gisle noel Very, very nice! It's just really great to see something that's not digital in any way! Long live film!

Michael McCullough
Response to by gisle noel Good idea,but a bit too busy in my eye!!

Jaap Voets
Response to by gisle noel The flower in the water-droplet makes it excellent!

Borek Lupomesky
Response to by gisle noel Technically speaking, it is not reflection, but refraction. Excellent image anyway.

Mauricio García
Just Perfect!!! Exelent shot, very good idea, the backgroud, the water-droplet, the lighting and the colors. Every detail is perfect. Congratulations!!!

Jeff Davidson
How much did you pay the ant to pose? Fabulous composition. Amazing concept. Wonderful execution. The elves got it right. 7/7

G .
Response to by gisle noel Sorry Borek, yes refraction. One question for Gisle - did you place some glycerine for that droplet, or is it a naturally occuring water droplet? Not that it detracts, I was just wondering. It's a good idea to keep the ant occupied while you are shooting.

Jory Smith
Great Perspective Great shot, I think the background is a bit overpowering.

M.M. Meehan
Response to by gisle noel This is a totally antstanding photo. What an excellent capture. There will never be another like it. The DOF is perfect. The Ant is sharp and in focus. The waterdrop is exquisite. Congratulations on a well deserved POW award.

Mark Ci
Response to by gisle noel I don't care for it at all -- far too busy. Everything but the kitchen sink thrown into this one.

Marcio Santos
Response to by gisle noel Excelence in the originality aspect, but not all that good in the aesthetical side. The colors are a bit dull and cold and the background is just strange when centered with the ant. I think it's a matter of having too many elements in the picture. The composition and light are not all that good. Although it does not please me, it's an unique and very creative picture. Congratulations

Nestor Botta
Response to by gisle noel I don't know what's Marcio thinking about, this is a macro, not a controlled light studio shot of a model... ¡!

What nobody said yet (I think, don't have time to read all previous comments) that shooting macro takes much patience and time. A good macro shot is the recompense for the effort. But to shoot an EXCELLENT macro like this... wow! How many hours and shots did you spend to get this one?

Congrats and thanks for sharing!

Antonio Plaza
Response to by gisle noel Excellent work, congratulations!.

The only thing that bothers me is the few that have posted here, astonished because this image is a pure "non-manipulated" photograph. It seems that in few years from now, there will be no real photographers anymore, only "photoshopgraphers" that will make images look good with the aid of software.

Rienk Jiskoot
I hate ants I really hate ants, since i was bitten all over two weeks ago in southern alabama while lying in the grass taking a picture of some rosted forties dodge. My arm was infected for the whole bloody two weeks. So please, can we get another POW elves, this one reminds me too much of the bad experience I had. Nice funny picture by the way, gisle noel. Cheers.

Sahid Nugroho
Response to by gisle noel You were absolutely in the right time and in the right angle. Good job!

dennis lee
Response to by gisle noel When I first saw this in the photo of the week list I thought "oh man, not another bug shot!" But, then I looked a little closer. Composition and of course the water drop make this shot rock. I would like to make one suggestion however, put a black line around the outside to hold us viewers in. 1 or 2pt. is all you need, all that white has a tendency to spin us right out of the picture. Great shot, thanks for sharing. DL

dennis lee
Response to by gisle noel Here's a quick sample:

Azizul Ameir
Response to by gisle noel The water droplets is a great idea, the whole composition is a little busy to my eye but the I just need to focus the ant and the water droplet. Very well done.

George Kenney
Response to by gisle noel Beautiful. Philosophical and poetic. Unique qualities. Kudos to you!

Lex Jenkins
Response to by gisle noel "Too busy"? Is there a cure for photo.net ADD? I'm reminded of the "too many notes" scene in "Amadeus." I see only the minimum elements necessary to make a photographic statement that elevates this beyond a mere macro snapshot. The tiny flower echoed in the droplet mirrors the ant's world appropriately. The diagonal stalk creates a bit of tension and movement. Which particular element(s) should be removed to create a universally appealing photograph? The big flower? The little flower? The droplet? The ant? The stalk? Waldo? (Standard Disclaimer: This is not a critique. I no longer participate in photo.net critiques. If this had been an actual critique you would have been advised to seek shelter.)

Charo Diez
Response to by gisle noel When I saw the thumbnail I thought -"another digital macro, PS laboratory"- so I was very surprised (and delighted) to see it was shot with an non-digital. The idea, and the moment you captured, both are great, doesn´t matter to me it you prepared it. I like the so centered blurried flower on the background, and to make it more apealing I would have place the ant&waterdrop a little bit to their left (I think that foreground and background are both too centered). Anyway, this is only my opinion and suggestion. Congrats on this POW!

Kezia S
Response to by gisle noel Well said, Lex. I agree 100 percent.

Lindsay Robb
Response to by gisle noel This is absolutely brilliant. This is by far one of the most interesting and brilliantly thought-out macros I have ever seen. I wish I could think like this!

Michael McCullough
To Lex Jenkins We all look at images in a different light,in my humble opinion this shot is based on a good idea but I find the image cluttered too much happening.

Lex Jenkins
Response to by gisle noel What exactly about this image is too busy? You made the statement but gave no specifics - are you prepared to defend it? That's the nature of rhetoric.

There are relatively few elements or colors. The few elements presented are interrelated so that they present a macrocosm of the ant's universe within a macrophotograph. What could be removed or altered that would not violate the essence of this image?

Perhaps that's the problem. Many are too busy imagining another image that they can't see what's before them. Are you looking at the photograph Gisle has presented or thinking of how you would have done it given the opportunity?

Axel melville
Response to by gisle noel A delightful composition and the idea alone is commendable. May I remind the Old Time Film users -that the same shot could have been done with a Digital Camera WITHOUT any digital manipulation later on the PC. Please remember-that with Film-the manipulations can be done also later in the darkroom. So best ist-accept BOTH modes and keep it simple.

Michael McCullough
Response to by gisle noel Previously you mentioned four things happening in this image,two,too many for me ,so by making such a list of content I feel you've answered your own question!

Mark Hanson
Response to by gisle noel Wow. And it's the refraction in the water drop that makes this photo special. Without that it's just another macro. Beautiful.

Laura E. Napolitano
Response to by gisle noel The daisy within the waterdrop provides a bite-sized "slice of life" for the ant. This is what makes the image powerful to me. It took something 100s of times larger than an ant and made it tangible for its little self.

Carl Root
Response to by gisle noel An excellent use of wide angle macro. Probably a 12mm extension tube. Rather than use other approaches which would have blown out the background, Gisle had the good fortune to have a clean background which also helped the viewer understand the small refracted flower. It's not sharp, can't be, and we wouldn't want it to be. If the flower was off center or overlaped with the primary elements in an awkward way, than yes, it would be too busy and chaotic.

Laura E. Napolitano
Response to by gisle noel Does Gisle know about being POW? I notice a lack of participation! :)

Chris Henry
Response to by gisle noel An exquisite shot. The tiny refracted image of the flower in the high-positive diopter droplet(sharp!) with the blurred background of the same flower is a great lesson in itself. Macro at its best.

Steve Baldwin
busy? Before I say anything that might be interpreted as "critic" I have to say that I love this photograph. It's a really remarkable composition. Having said that I can understand a little why some find it busy. I think,however, that it's not so much that it's busy (it has been truthfully pointed out that it has fairly few compositional elements)as the fact that the radial pattern of the background does draw the eye out of the photograph. I think the suggestion of some kind of frame or border it a good one. It might serve to contain the eye within the image the way some photographers slightly darken the edge of a print for the same purpose. This is not really a critic of the photo which, again, I love, but just a thought that it would benefit from a frame. Gisle was either very lucky or very good, arguably both.

Vuk Vuksanovic
Response to by gisle noel The photo is very clever and definitely adds that extra dimension required to raise insect macros above the banal. Nonetheless, something just doesn't work here in terms of the final punch. I'll go out on a limb and suggest the bokeh is rather pedestrian and that the side is consequently let down by the rather large out-of-focus area.

Dennis Dixson
Yikes! Tough crowd. Exactly what more could anyone want? I'm not especially into macros but even I can recognize a good thing when I see it. I was thinking of substituting a small child or a baby for the ant but I may never get around to that parody. This appears to be a fairly creative composition based on what have become some fairly common shots. So give the photographer some credit for putting a new twist on what has preceded him. Sure it would have embraced the snobs among us if it had been rendered in B&W but hey sometimes you have to have color just like you have to have red meat. Macros are not my bag but this must be acknowledged as a competent work worthy of the title of POW.

Matt Swope
Response to by gisle noel I don't care whether the ant was alive or not, this is one of the best organized shots I have seen.

Niranjn T
Response to by gisle noel A clever idea and excellent execution. The elements are all there -- the mini flower image, the ant and the slanting stem. But the image bothers me because I usually expect these kinds of photographs to be pleasing to the eye. I kindof agree with Vuk that the out-of-focus area is too large. I also find it bright and jarring.

Vuk Vuksanovic
Response to by gisle noel Yes, "bright and jarring" background--it makes the photo unpleasant to look at for any sort of extended period.

Scott Bulger
Response to by gisle noel In response to those that find the composition too busy and/or emotionally jarring, does a reduction in the size of the background help as in this possible crop?

Dougity B
Response to by gisle noel Scott, your crop looks like dynamite! Good suggestion. You've taken a whole lot of area that was doing nothing, and left us with the little bit of area that is doing everything. Not bad. What's wrong with this image being jarring? I mean, is that a bad thing? Or just an observation? Is jarring another word for impact?

Walter Strong
Response to by gisle noel I'm usually the first guy to call for a tighter crop but with this one I think you got it just right. Had it been mine I'd've cleaned up some of the specular hilights on the green stem but just the same this is excellent macro work. The real problem I have with this image is that I'm jealous as hell!!

Brainbubba Motornapkins
Response to by gisle noel The cropping helps, but what is really crippling this picture is the color, especially the giant 'fuzzy egg yolk'. The ant is kind of a nasty brown too.

There are several possiblities for digital correction here (besides cropping), including hypersaturation and color balance. I did a quick experiment involving converting to b+w (by selecting the Red channel), blurring & lightening the background (apologies for crude selection artifacts here), curves adjustment and usm foreground (which is the real subject of this photo -- the ant, the stem and the refracted flower in the dew drop), and finally a rotation to try to give a more dynamic feel to it.

Robert Brown
Response to by gisle noel Scott, Your new crop is a tremendous improvement. I felt like Vuk, and a few others, that while this was technically impressive, it was not a shot that I really wanted to look at. While I'm not really interested in macro ant shots, this crop keeps me more interested in looking at the image.

Scott Bulger
Response to by gisle noel I still think that the original is an excellent image, but after reading the comments I certainly understood what they were saying. I feel that by narrowing the point of view, you eliminate a lot of the rays of white that were shooting you out of the image like one of those spin paint machines at the county fair. I think this effect is contributed to by the fact that a lot of the petals were seperated and the black spaces between them accentuated this effect. This crop lets you concentrate more on the ant and the refraction, which in my opinion, is the most dynamic part of the photograph.

Michael McCullough
Re. Cropping The closer crop works so very well,by bringing the numerous contents closer together, its just that much easier to enjoy!!!

Dougity B
Response to by gisle noel Scott Bulger for president! Scott Bulger for World Leader!

Alex Wild
Hmmm.... Certainly an artful photo, and great fun to look at, but it is a bit too contrived for my tastes- I guess I prefer more of a photojournalistic style to macro photography. The ant, by the way, is a wood ant in the genus Formica.

Alex Wild
Oh, and... Scott Bulger's cropping improves the image 100%.

Carl Root
Response to by gisle noel The crop is impressive in part because we already know it's a flower and because we understand the technique involved, ie not manipulated. The 'yolk' comment is valid. Maybe a compromise between the crop and original would give the viewer the information needed to determine that it's clearly a flower. As was also mentioned, the ant is not particularly attractive, except perhaps to another ant.

Toby Cline
Response to by gisle noel It goes with out saying: this is a beautiful shot and great macro work. Congrats on 'Pic of the week'.

Nickolay Lavrik
Response to by gisle noel Excellent idea. Very well executed. IMHO the original cropping is close to ideal.

M.M. Meehan
Response to by gisle noel I like all the 'clutter'. This is the ant's world we are looking at. Bring back all the rays!! Let's lobby for rays! Send Scott back to cropping school! I want to see more of the ant world. Besides, the strong almost red color of the ant needs to be balanced out with more space defined by the other weaker colors.

Scott Bulger
Response to by gisle noel I will not seek, nor will I accept, my parties nomination for leader of the world. I will be too busy in cropping school to give the job the attention it deserves.

Landrum Kelly
Response to by gisle noel Novel, but the very novelty of the little lens of water and its image of a flower causes problems of composition. I personally like it, but I could not rate it too highly on the traditional scale. I am glad you took it and glad I got to see it. What are the ratings worth anyway?

Beatrice Flowers
It's Japan, metaphorically It's a great metaphor for a particular vision of the Japanese: the toiling ant in the Rising Sun.

Don Harper
Response to by gisle noel This is a home run with the combination of the focused water droplet, the depth of field showing both the ant and the flower and the compositional elements. Any of the two would be great but the three combined makes this an exceptional photo. Very well done. You have raised the bar on macro shots for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing, and consider these comments helpful or rubbish as you see fit.

Laura E. Napolitano
Response to by gisle noel Namely, that you are a bunch of naive 16 year old girls trying to turn this forum into a puppet show, rather than a place where photography is discussed.

What's wrong with teenage girls? :looks at self: :-\

Ron Tincher
Response to by gisle noel I know you did not set this shot up, so like I always say, a great photograph is being at the right place at the right time with the right equipment. Been there and done that. Marvelous shot you lucky dog.

Landrum Kelly
Response to by gisle noel Scott's crop is a definite improvement, in my opinion, but you still took the photo. Congratulations.

Tony Dummett
Response to by gisle noel It was a Nasty Brown Ant... that's why it looks nasty and is brown. Scott's crop made me perform a double-take... what... the..? Then I got it. Clever crop, Scott. P.S. "Formica" is a plastic, not an ant... although I've seen more than a few ants crawl over my formica table here in OZ. Puhleeze don't don't on about formic acid.. or else I'll scream.

aki kp
Response to by gisle noel couldn't agree more wif Ron. (big grin) :) & e crop from scott adds perfection.

Mette Sicks
Response to by gisle noel The rain drop is a nice trick but should be left out I think

Terry McCully
People always have to add there 2 cents I just have to laugh at some people who submit there ver of the selected picture..crop here crop there...This picture is perfect the way it is...with no crops or added boarders!!!!...

Ken Thalheimer
Response to by gisle noel I love the water drop and the daisy's reflection in it. The macro work on the ant, stem, and water droplet are superb. I do find the daisy in the background very distracting and much prefer Scott's cropped version

Michael Epp
Response to by gisle noel I do like Scott's crop. But there is something overly instructive about its instincts: It forces the viewers eye, stops the eye from wondering. To some this is an improvement--greater focus, more comprehensible intentionality. To me it erases the visual surprise--the flower in the water drop surprises because I don't see it immediately--I wonder in the larger visual field . . . and then the delight. The crop is a bit like someone explaining a joke: It can kill the story.

Jon MacMillan
Response to by gisle noel Doggone it! I like it! And no, dont crop it, or anything else like that. I dunno why, I just like it. Jon

Joe Garrick
No Crop, Thanks Great shot, and please do not add the suggested and much discussed crop. The tight crop only works if you've already seen the larger shot with enough detail to realize that it's a flower behind the ant. In the tight crop you lose that context. As for the border discussion, I just don't get it. It's like saying a photo is no good because the frame is wrong. It's not part of the image, so who cares.

James Dainis
Response to by gisle noel The cropped shot never would have made photo of the week. It is the flower petals leaping out that make it a screamer.

imran javed
Response to by gisle noel This is something like ,, It was already in my mind,,Good work noel.I wish i could create something like this in future. imran javed pakistan

Darren Hackett
Response to by gisle noel What a lovely photo, well thought out, lots to consider when looking at it. It is an inspiration for me! Well done Gisle, POW and well worthy of the title!

Matt Reeves
Croppy I agree that the composition as stated is too centered. However, I'm not a big fan of scotts crop. It's a move in the right direction, but i think it over simplifies the image and takes away too much. I'm not one to edit other people's images, but just from using my hands, I think I'd prefer the dead space on the left side and some of the top to go away. On an unrelated topic, I don't understand people who detract from photoshop users. I personally have never used photoshop, but I understand why people do. To me, the final image is the important part. The camera is just a tool, the image is the art. Some people use photoshop badly, and it looks bad. However, some people do it very skillfully, and it looks good. the image is important, the process is not. In my opinion, of course...

Scott Bulger
Response to Joe I think that the brain automatically makes the connection between the refracted flower in the droplet and the yellow and white background. I don't think you would necessarily need to see the original to understand the setup of the crop.

Cory Zelmer
Response to by gisle noel Great picture. It does work just the way it is. Sure, you can crop it to gratify the needs of the croppers, but it's a great and original image. I like it the way it is.

Igumnov Victor
Response to by gisle noel That is fantasy on your stunning shot http://www.photohost.ru/showpicture.php?id=221619&galleryid=0&user=10278&days=&sti=&or=0&oc=&marks=&pageid=1&v=0

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