Amadou #4

by Sousa Dias Nana

amadou caxias kodak t max nikon w f wista dxii sousa dias nana

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Published: Monday 25th of November 2002 05:44:15 AM


Piotr Kowalik
This seems to be a bit different from last two shots. The way you have placed an model makes the picture. Tonal range adds to the whole composition. Even the deep shadow dose not seem to detract from the image. Well done. Regards PK

Samuel Clemints
I love your works...very good portrait.

David Quilty
Maybe some Pro can explain why this isn't perfect, but to me its 7-7. On the screen maybe its too dark to the right but I suspect that on the print that textures would appear. The dichotomy that the light creates make this shot; you've capture strength and vulnerability.

Rodney Wren
Beautiful tones and texture! You have a fantastic way of capturing people of color. Keep up the great work!

Imanol Gabilondo.
7 / 7 It's like a Robert Mapplethorpe's photo. !Fantastic!

Dennis Klinsky
I am fascinated by the placement of the subject. It makes the photo and I like it very much.

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