Outdoors # 17

by Amelkovich Igor

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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 24th of November 2002 09:46:28 AM


David Wilson (Vortex Imaging)
Igor, This is almost morbid. The only thing missing is the pool of blood on the floor and drops coming off her fingertips... Nice bum though! ;-)

Bruce Jones
interesting I don't think he hates women at all. One who truly hates women ignores them altogether. I know some of those. He is totally fascinated with women. Look at his other work. He spends a good deal of time observing them and lavishing them with attention. This is a take on the current popularity of bdsm in general. I see a lot of people trying this look. As a photo I like the different way her muscles look in the inverted pose. That is interesting and should be explored more. Nice idea.

artistic nudes
bravo to the model for posing for this shot. what wonderful definition this pose reveals. look at the flexed muscle tone in her thighs. look at the tightness of her bottom. look at her ribs stretched toward the floor. very few models would be "willing" to pose for this shot and even fewer would be "able" to pose for this shot. this is definitely not "more of the same". great job

Bruce Jones
addemdum I came back to this after someone else sent me a link to this. I still like it but after another look I just thought I'd say that I think the image could be much stronger if it were cropped to loose the scatter on the right and to more concentrate on the hanging part of the form. It's the unusual musculature here that looks so interesting. Also, I'd loose the saw-horse in the background just behind the model as it's distracting. The post is the sort of crop I am talking about.

Michael Kelliher
what makes this shot is the details in the body and I wish I could see more details. A lot of your body shots have great detail except this one. The boots are out of place, bare feet would be better. The saw horse has to go also. 6/6 other than that.

Igor Amelkovich
Erotic and Fetish. One more photo ...

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