Big House, Abbeville County, SC 2002

by Kelly Landrum

big house abbeville county sc seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Monday 2nd of August 2010 03:09:39 PM


Landrum Kelly

Thank you, Tom!  So it is ante-bellum after all.  One never knows with some of the mansions one finds down South.

The primary shot in the Wikipedia link you offered was made in 1987, I see.  So, whoever bought it and was living in it when I shot this was not able to maintain it.

I really ought to get down to South Carolina to shoot it again--or even to see if it is still there.

I find it sad that these old structures are doomed to bite the dust someday.


Tom Wiggins

Lannie:  What a great old house.  I think I found this house on-line.  See


Tom Wiggins

Lannie:  Thank you for the challenge to find out more about the house.  I do have fun researching.  Guess all those hours working in the library during college paid off. Tom

Landrum Kelly
Big House, Abbeville County, SC 2002 Any info on the type of architecture found here would be most welcome. Comments welcome as well.


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