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Published: Friday 22nd of November 2002 02:21:36 AM


Ruby Nogah
Hi Nana, You say that you can do nothing about the shiney forehead but in fact if you have access to Photoshop or Painter software you can easily change it.

Nana Sousa Dias
I agree with you guys, in part, about the forehead reflection, but, that's life! The man has a big forehead and glossy skin, there is no way to avoid that! It's like driving a Ferrari, even when you don't need so much horsepower, they are there, all the 500 hp! I don't know if you tried to see the image with the "large" selection, that is important in this case! Anyway, I have some B&W 4x5 sheets of this session, and will upload later, when I have the time to develop them!

Sergio Angulo
Powerful. A portrait full of strenght and mistery. Agree with the reflection.. but does not bother me at all...

Nousheen H
very nice shot. It is so dramatic and powerful, and I love the color too. I am sure you know it is a good shot, but wow.

david solomon
The reflection on the forehead distracts my attention from enjoying the rest of the composition.

Gaby Fields
Amadou Great shot of a wonderful looking man. Very expressive, and aside of the a bit too large reflection of the forehead(to agree with David) a near-perfect portrait. Rarely seen better. Would look powerful in B&W too.

Wayne Melia
Congratulations on a very dramatic photo. The aforementioned great big reflection is integral to the success. Don't change it. Cheers.

Marielou Dhumez
I've already seen this masterpiece somewhere else... !

Guillermo Labarca
I agree with Wayne's comment above, dont change anything it is a great photo as it is. Wonderfull photos in your folder, in all your folders.

Verna Bice
Very Strong Photo....the eyes are so Intense they pull you in....he looks like a dark chocolate candy bar with beautiful form and tones, very good choice of backgrounds...Excellent Job!

Marc G.
Oh, woow !! I hadn't seen this one before. Glad I checked on your folder again ! This is really really really impressive. Love it !

Wes Pettus
This is beautiful in color. It's so rich looking. I like the tight composition and the piercing gaze of your subject. Very strong. Noting your penchant for black and white, this color one sticks out wonderfully. The forehead highlight doesn't bother me at all. It has some detail and isn't overly blown out. Great job!

Jörg Gründler
Simply GREAT !

Belen Alvarez
Great Portrait and fabulous colour and lighting.!!! Congratulations

mondiani .
Excellent !

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