'The Bone-Drenching Summer Thunder Shower'

by Crosley John

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Exif Information:
Model : NIKON D300
Date Time Original : 2010-07-10 08:50:25
Focal Length : 75/1
Shutter Speed Value : 1/159
Exposure Time : 1/160
Aperture Value : 3.2
F Number : 3.2
Iso Speed Ratings : 500
Metering Mode : 5
Focal Length In35mm Film : 112
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Copyright : John Crosley and John Crosley Trust
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows

Published: Tuesday 27th of July 2010 07:03:49 PM


Charles Fletcher

No technical comments other than I hope you didn't get your camera/lens wet.  The photo caught my interest because it portrays so much about many of our young women...Impatient, impractical (the shoes), nothing will get in their way.  Good thing too, cause we need their talents.

Pierre Dumas
Nice shot!


John Crosley
Raymond Ellstad

You might call this a study in incongruity.  Small covering, of little use. 

And impracticality.  High heels, but of little practical use.

Somehow I like this photo very much . . . . . though technically it is not the greatest . . . . . maybe something about very wet and clingy dresses in a very candid moment.

Thanks for the comment.


John (Crosley)

Raymond Elstad

It amuses me that she is holding that little bitty thing over her hair while she gets throughly soaked... Great shot.

John Crosley
Yes Charles, Well Said

Where indeed would we be without them?  I know she was cold, wet and miserable, but I was dry and comfortable, for all but the moment I stepped forward to take this.

Women voluntarily enter 'wet t-shirt' contests, but they're all somewhat hokey.

This is more the 'real thing'.

Just life on the street.

Whatever comes along.

Captured as well as I can.

Thank Charles.


John (Crosley)

John Crosley

Now Bert, is there any question at all why I like to spend time in Ukraine?

(rhetorical question)


John (Crosley)

John Crosley
Pierre Dumas

I'm tempted to say this one is for the males out there, but I find a great number of women, maybe even the greater number of women are viewers of other women (and critics of their dress and action than men), and so I'll refrain.

Girls dress as much or more for 'other girls' than for the men.

In Ukraine, however, young women dress to find a man at an early age to have kids at an early age generally to please a grandma who complains early on 'where are my grandchildren?'

Life's different there.


John (Crosley)

John Crosley
In America, there GGF shoes? In Ukraine, normal 'street' shoes . . . . ?

Young women especially in America have a term for such shoes, high heels with ankle straps and imminently impractical for 'street' wear -- they call them GGF shoes, for attracting young men and little else, and primarily for wearing to late night parties, soon to be doffed if the right man comes along.

Now please don't ask me what GGF stands for.  If you're old enough to know, you already know or have a friend who does, and if you don't, well get a friend who does, but please don't ask me.

In Ukraine, they're pretty usual and almost normal street attire, though flip-flops and slippers are coming more into their own these days.  Ukraine, especially in the provinces, and other Slavic countries are places where for many decades women didn't feel 'dressed' without high heels.

Many still don't and it's readily evident on the streets, though less so in Kyiv these days . . . . though sneakers are not common.

And Ukrainian women can keep an incredible pace with such shoes . . . . almost speed walking with them.  No fitness question with young Ukrainian women when walking with them.  (Young Ukrainian men have a good excuse for getting get caught -- the women are faster, even with such a handicap).



John (Crosley)

Bert Reitter
Hi John

whatever it is this young shapely woman put on her head, I venture to say that it got awfully wet... as did she...

it's an interesting image.


John Crosley
ajayan pp

Maybe you could invite her home and pat her dry with genuine Egyptian soft and absorbent towels and then blow dry her hair?

Or maybe not?

She does seem so helpless on the one hand; on the other hand, she appears completely in control.  Take your choice.

Helpless or assertive.

Thanks for an interesting comment.


John (Crosley)

Ajayan Poyyara


Absolutely real!! Feel to help her!!!

John Crosley
'The Bone-Drenching Summer Thunder Shower' I am sure this attractive and shapely young woman forgot her umbrella accidentally, and surely couldn't wait until this brief and violent thunder shower subsided before crossing this busy street and getting drenched, but as a male AND a photographer was more than a little pleased. Your ratings, critiques and remarks are invited and most welcome. If you rate harshly, very critically or just wish to be heard, please submit a helpful and constructive comment; please share your photographic knowledge to help improve my photography. Thanks! Enjoy! John

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