Reader's Wives

by McCracken David

readers wives seeking critique mccracken david

Gallery: 6. Nude & Scantily Clad Girls

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Published: Sunday 25th of July 2010 04:36:23 AM


Mark Harris

I have to admit I'm not familiar with Reader's Wives although a Google search revealed various music references. That leads to some confusion to me about the title. There is an interesting twist, maybe not intentional, to Edwin Land in a photograph of a woman's pubic hair. For so many years Poloroid material was used to make pornography, I know this is NOT pornographic, to avoid the film processing issue. I like this photograph very much, David, well done.

Michael C

And what a beautiful bush too!

Dave Barstow

It's a small world...  Robert Land, Edwin's nephew, once worked for me.  I let Bob go, at his request, and shortly thereafter received a call from Dr. Land inquiring about the circumstances of his nephew's dismissal.  Dr. Land was satisfied with my explanation and invited me to dinner.  We had a very nice meal and a great conversation.

I am quite sure that, if he were still alive, he would be rather amused by your photo. ;-))

You have produced a photo with a story behind it... and a funny one at that.  Good work my friend!

Alon Eshel

I just love it , Very creative work ................ Excellent

Raymond Elstad

Edwin certainly has nice hair he does :=]
A fun pic my friend.

Maurizio Melozzi
!!!!!!! ....this is art......over the photo !!!!! .....superb!!!!!!

David McCracken
In rely...

Alon, Maybe not too creative but I am glad that you love it. Thanks a lot.

Dave, It is good to create images that remind people of things that have happened before. Before posting this, I did not think anyone would see it that had actually met Edwin. It makes the effort all the more worth it. Thanks a lot.

Michael, No comment. Thanks.

Mark, For someone who didn't understand 'Readers' Wives' you certainly have worked it out. I am not sure which magazine started 'Readers' Wives.' Maybe it was Penthouse or something similar. The contributions to the magazine(s) were invariably shot with various Polaroid cameras and most of them were ever worse than this image.... if you can believe that. Thanks a lot.

Maurizio, Kind words. Possibly too kind. Thanks all the same.

Raymond, Are you sure it is not a wig?

Thanks everyone!

Paul Casagrande

Bella,ironica,speciale,provocatoria !

progetto interessante,complimenti, Saluti Paul

David McCracken
A fitting frame...
Reader's wives was probably NOT what Edwin had in mind! However, because of that, I felt he deserved a fitting frame. (The picture of Edwin was taken from a postcard promoting the return of the instant picture format.)

Just a bit of fun. Feedback appreciated.

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