Railay Sunset, Thailand, near Krabi

by Papai Ken

railay sunset thailand near krabi seeking critique papai ken

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Published: Wednesday 20th of November 2002 03:50:40 PM


Ken Papai
Creative? Yes. Jason, A little harsh on your comment. A 2-year-old would have to know where and when to point a big lens and hold it steady and know what film sort of works best. Anyway I know sunsets are the most unoriginal of topics. But still... You see the rest of my stuff? I'll be reviewing yours. Cheers!

Greg Neils
All comes together Each of the elements really comes together well. I'm not sure if you meant it, but I really like the graininess. Well done.

Ken Papai
Not Original? I have seen and rated a hundred other sunset photos here with aesthetics from 2 to 7 and orginality from 2 to 7 (the "one's" are never viewed, or rather not rated); I am wondering how this one stacks up. I hope the image scan quality of the one-hour-produced 4x6 inch print doesn't detract here. Anyway, thanks for your attention!

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