Moon Rise over Mill Valley fog

by Papai Ken

moon rise over mill valley fog seeking critique papai ken

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Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 20th of November 2002 03:35:19 PM


Jud Dagnall
This is my favorite from your folder. Nice composition and expressive use of minimal color.

Marc G.
My favorite in the folder as well. Pretty unexpected angle and subject. I would suggest to dodge the cloud a bit, though. That would help emphasizing the silhouette of the roof and trees, while at the same time refreshing a bit the image.

Another little problem is imo that the moon is slightly too close to the edge. If I were you, I'd cheat and just move it down a bit in PS. Still, quite a good shot. A 4.5 / O 5.5. Cheers.

Ken Papai
Moon over Mill Valley Moonrise in the evening over a foggy Mill Valley, California. One of the final shots I took with my soon-to-be-stolen Canon 35mm system before going 100% digital. I appreciate any and all of your comments! -Ken

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