United Colors of Black & White

by Sousa Dias Nana

united colors of black white sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 20th of November 2002 02:37:35 AM


J. C. Reeves III
The composition and the cropping of this photo is average at best, in its current state .I would recommend, a little more fore thought, the potential is there...With kind regards,jcriii3.

Ruby Nogah
This could have been a great photo if the man did not look directly into the camera with this miserable expression on his face...

Nana Sousa Dias

Tom Sperduto
Well ... I guess his expression and his stare into the camera can say "Dare to judge us"

mario massie
Mario M. Great shot...remarkable EYES.

Michael Nigro
where the hell should the man be looking? this is an intense image by a talented artist destined for greatness.

vipin agrawal
why? in this day and age, why is this image provoking the question of 'dare to judge us'? this should just be another image depicting two people... i agree with another comment where it says that his eyes should be elsewhere.. otherwise, it begs the question 'dare to ju....'

Marvin Price
The look To me it says, "You think this is enough?"

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