Taken near Basalt, Colorado. This is right by a home owned by Neil Diamond, at least that is what I heard. I used a polarizer to enhance colors and to get the reflection.

by Baker Jeremy

taken near basalt colorado this is right by a hom seeking critique baker jeremy

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Published: Wednesday 20th of November 2002 01:07:24 AM


Taylor LaBarr
nice reflection shot, the texture of the cliff adds to it

Peter Witkop
A very good reflection shot. Did you bracket the exposure? I always like to with chrome film and reflections, and ussually I like the shot about a half stop under exposed. With slides underexposing slightly helps get more saturated colors (the opposite is true with colog neg). Also you might like the shot a little better with less of the tree in the foreground, but then again, it looks like that might have put you into the water, so sometimes you have to take what you can get. Though I have been known to often stand knee deep in water, with a tripod to get a shot.

Jeremy Baker
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