Road to heaven

by Lasa Miguel

road to heaven seeking critique lasa miguel

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Category: Nature

Published: Tuesday 19th of November 2002 11:09:32 AM


Ian Burgess
Great fall colors on this one. Like the selective blur too (PS ?) If I'm being picky...the reflection off the puddles in the middle of the road and at the sides threw my attention a little...they have a slight blue color cast too...then again maybe it's my monitor...

randolph .
comment I like it.Very nice

M.C. Necker
Was this taken with a filter?

Chris Spencer
Nice effect with the blurring trees

Ri┬ęk Vincent
ahhhh! very theraputic. Waiting for a Red Porsche to come zipping around the corner.

Miguel Lasa
the blur is done by long exposure and wind thanks

Tchavdar Nikolov
WOW. Fantastic!!!

Jana Vanourkova
Miguel, lead me there.. jana

Laure Montandon
Nice idea I like your idea of getting the blur from a long exposure. I took a somewhat similar picture in PA (, but without that effect. I wish you could remove the blue on the road but other than that I love this image.

Steve Broyles
the wind-blur makes this photo for me- so soft and inviting. great job.

Barbara D
Beautiful! It's like a dream. Great color and the blur makes this photo!

Miguel Lasa
Road to heaven Near Stowe, Vermont

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