Water Fun for 2 (view large please)

by Soini Hannu

water fun for view large please seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Sunday 11th of July 2010 05:30:53 PM


Hannu Soini
Thank You AmarAli !


For your kind words, which described nicely my attempt to take photo of the Summerday play in the heat…

 As water gives an element of fuzziness to the DOF what ever you do, I tried to use it in such a way that the activity would be both on the dog and on the diver’s hands.  This moment when he is ”drying” the canvas frisbee gave me the moment to show them together in their different activities. Later they would dive and explore the water together – but that is a different story..:)


AmirAli Sharifi

I thinks this is a very nice work. It is a documentary like photo with really nice elements. I like the composition, the light and the use of wide angle.  The dog certainly gives a playful feeling to the viewer which will be then boosted by the child's diving. I like this photo a lot.

Hannu Soini
Double water Fun Water fun for 2. C&C are wellcomed.

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