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Published: Wednesday 16th of June 2010 02:48:59 PM


Gallego Caldas Jordi

Perfecta. 7/7

Raymond Borg

Beautiful composition and excellent lighting. Well done.

Daniel Simionescu

I heard about those vipers and about how venomous they are. I hope that this one was really small (btw, how small was it?), otherwise you slept with the death as a cushion...

About the shot I love the colors and the texture. Regards.

Mark Vincent Müller
Sidewinder Riding on a camel from Jaisalmer (Rajasthan, India) it takes about a day to arrive at the Thar Desert where I camped with my Indian guides in the midst of the dunes. Waking up in the morning I lifted my backpack, which I used as a cushion, and there curled up a very poisenous saw-scaled viper lay curled up - having slept under my head that night.....

I carried the small snake into the dune at sunrise and had a little photo session using my 20mm wide-angle. This is one of my personal favourite shots.

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