Vienna sightseeing I

by S. Franz

vienna sightseeing i seeking critique s franz

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Published: Monday 7th of June 2010 09:44:55 AM


Hans Hollander

Another reason to go visit Vienna :)

Neville Hopkins

Really nice shot...congratulations,,,,must admit tho I would much prefer it without the person in the background

Allen R

Nice shot...Sexy woman, great use of DOF and I agree that the person in the background adds visual interest.

Gavin McCormack

I love the composition of this. Well Done.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco

very nice shoot, wonderful colors

Wayne Ervine

Very sexy, but still quite elegant. And the person in the background adds to the voyueristic feel.

Bob Kurt

Luis LS

Great sensual picture.

Even the person in the back adds to the image.

Your lighting is very good. Excellent composition.


harika konpozisyon oldu

Kombizz Kashani
for sure she is a pretty model although don't like the angled coposition -

Antonio F

very hot

Olli Pekonen

I agree about the technical merits, and perhaps the person in the background is also an element that makes this image more pleasing in terms of composition, but all in all I do not like the portrayal of a person (be it man or woman) in such an overly voyeuristic setting. Perhaps this picture is telling a story, but it just does not open up for me. But perhaps it is just me...

Igor Leonidovich Mestman

Such Corinthian display

Of four fingers, to allay

Architectural perfections’

Saturation of confections.

Vaults and pilasters’ delights…

Lingerie and matching lights?

I have been to Old Vienna…

Blondy could’ve used some henna

For those gaining from the front,

For ‘compete with timeless’ stunt…

Blackness, see-through on display…

Oh, what vanity of clay!


Silver Rajah Of Sophiastan

patrick coombes

Superb shot, well done Franz



Franz S.
Vienna sightseeing I Thanks for your comments!

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