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by Soini Hannu

close flyers seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Friday 21st of May 2010 10:48:23 PM


Valentyn Odnoviun
Dear Hannu,

I like that photo, it is very not easy to do job like that and You did great! Thanks, Valentyn

Hannu Soini
Thank You Valentyn !

For your kind word - my "assistant dog" heard the birds first, as they are in the singin mood this time of the year. They are also fairly timid- but also used to us being around. So, it was just to go and fetch the camera after the gentle signal I got and shoot with a 500 mm tele:)

I include an other capture which might please your eye. Br Hannu



Hannu Soini
Just Married Newly wed. C&C are wellcomed.

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