Gabi No.6

by Funke Stephan

gabi no funke stephan

Gallery: Workshop in Sebesviz / Hungary August 2002

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Published: Sunday 3rd of November 2002 02:58:42 PM


Fabio Berardi
Skin defect I like composition of this shot and general light. Clear steps explanation of digital manipulation. Perhaps better if square (crop, dropping left) and a little "Diffuse Glow" (PS7) to hide little skin imperfection. If don't offend you I posted below the same photo with diffuse glow (2,3,15).

Aubre Cummings
Beauty Alluring I like the way you lightened the left eye. Also thank you for not blurring the lines under the eyes, it adds realness. Good work.

Detlef Klahm
I love the facial expression starring at the viewer with a bit of unsureness...the crease on her neck is a bit distracting ( I know thats natural..but!?)

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