Clifford On The Road

by Spinak Lawrence

clifford on the road spinak lawrence

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Exif Information:
Model : FinePix1300
Date Time Original : 2002-10-18 16:05:15
Focal Length : 29/5
Shutter Speed Value : 1/588
Aperture Value : 4.4
F Number : 4.5
Iso Speed Ratings : 125
Metering Mode : 5
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Digital Camera FinePix1300 Ver1.24

Published: Saturday 2nd of November 2002 10:14:22 PM


Carl Root
moonrise clifford In depth analysis reveals that the colors in this photograph are all painted after the fact. I can only assume that the maker realized that the world was not ready for something as revolutionary is this. The light was only there for an instant, I suspect.

Ken Williams ...
Yes Regina !! ................. Elmo and I have surrounded Rick's house and we each have a carton of egggs ................. Shhhhhhhh ...

Jason Neymeyer
Clifford...(The Muse?) I see that Clifford has been working as a muse since the 19th Century. In this long lost work, you can see that Clifford was the original model for Edvard Munch, as Steve Patterson alluded to earlier. Clifford is an inspiration to us all.

Ken Williams ...
Update !!! .... Elmo and I slipped into Rick's headquarters and snapped a quick image of the hostage situation !!! .............. It's getting serious I'm afraid ............ Rick is quite the beast as you can see !! .............

Scott Bulger
Speechless... all I can say. An emotional juggernaut. I am going to sell my cameras since there is no wasy I can possibly live up to this incredibly high expectation.

Scott Bulger
I prefer this vertical crop. I think does more justice to the subject. I am a little distracted by the way the shadow falls across Cliffirds nose but my PS skills are lacking to fix it.

Brian Mottershead
Marc, you buffoon: I posted my brilliant "Test" image before "Lawrence" posted this; so how could I have plagiarized this? Anyway, "Test" was simply my experiment to prove how mesmerized the crowd is by saturated colors. Obviously, Lawrence fell for my trap and used the eye-dropper tool in Photoshop to steal my color, along with his other transparent digital hocus-pocus.

Philippe Gauthier
The only dog burning I can see was in Rick's frying pan!

Trevor Hopkins
Like my fellow commentators, I am speechless with astonishment at the artistry of this photo. It is clearly the greatest image we've ever seen at and to give it a 7/7 simply doesn't do it justice.

Marc G.
Lawrence, don't listen to Brian. He's just jealous, I think.... "Aside from the obvious digital manipulation, there is the question of Clifford's excessive saturation." said Brian.

Here, I shall say NO, NO, NO, AND NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I find it truly sad to see the Editor of being so dishonest. Manipulation ? Ha ! Talk about it ! Excessive saturation ?!! Ha, yeah, right !

See what Mr. Mottershead is up to when he's not exhausting himself at work to keep some sort of order in the school yard !

Now how's that for a digital manipulation with excessive saturation !?! Mmmmm...?!?

Come on, Brian... Don't you have anything better to do than creating such abstracts ! Don't you have anything better to do than criticize the only true masterpiece this site has ever been graced by ?! Give it up, PLLLLEEAAASE ! Give it up immediately, and acknowledge what's grand as just that - no jealousy will ever take any further anyway !

Lawrence Spinak
Dear Brian, You can think as you please, but I assure you that the only digital manipulation that occurred was when my right-hand index digit pressed the shutter release. As for saturation, I'd send you a fur sample, but Clifford's currently being held hostage in a frying pan-bondage scenario by Rick Vincent.

Neil Whitaker
The reality of Clifford Rene Magritte says it well in this image. We are not really looking at Clifford, but rather a collection of pixels on a monitor. The thing-for-itself mind, which is accustomed to transforming perceptual patterns into the experience of a thing-in-itself, brings Clifford to confront and challenge us. And yet the act of looking with admiration is also an act of betrayal. The mind sees the eyes of longing in Clifford and experiences the need to return the feelings of friendship. But the almost instantaneous response is to declare, "You are not Clifford. Clifford is dead," in order to be excused from any such attachment. In a sense, Clifford may be a mirror to one's own soul. You sense it is there, beckoning. It even fascinates you at times. Yet even as you pull it towards you, you reject it and deny its place in your map of reality. The mind remains stuck in a love/hate paradox, seeking, but never quite reaching satisfaction.

Brian Mottershead
Am I the only nay-sayer here? Aside from the obvious digital manipulation, there is the question of Clifford's excessive saturation. I am not familiar with the properties of this particular emulsion, but I cannot believe that the real Clifford could have been that color. I know he is supposed to be red, but is it believable that a children's toy would be such a ridiculous, garish red? Of course, slavish high ratings of excessively saturated images are epidemic on This Server. No doubt this is the work of that whole notorious Spinak-Dummett mate-rating crowd.

Ken Williams ...
Yes Men !!! ............ Nooo ...... well, yes - maybe ................... What ??

Maria S.
Hilarious .... rofl ... truly an inspiration. Have a long and good ride, Clifford. How could anyone grade this 3/3? BTW -- I recently got an e-mail from Bailey saying that my post was deleted ... oh no, that wasn't Bailey.

Ken Williams ...
Nooooooo !!!!!!! I say we ALL give in to Rick's demands and I MEAN NOW !!!!! ........... 7-7's on every photo - you got it ........... Nice comments - you got it ........... Recommendations for POW - done deal ....................... God Save The Queen .............And Cliffy TOO !!! .....

J. Gordon Anderson
Lover Please Mew meow mew mew etc -- (Translation -- Lover please - please come back -- Since first we met I only have eye for you -- you are definatly a 7 in my eye Cliff baby but you left me wanting more -- you know what I mean -- nudge nudge wink.

Lawrence Spinak
My "other" career Tony wrote: "So as not to have this comment moderated-out, striving to be on-topic at all times, can I ask Lawrence, did you ever work with Yul in your previous career and did he have any influence on your current photographic work? " I can't say I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Brenner, but I have worked with a few other of the masters, from Tony Danza to Maureen McCormick. I include Jeff Bridges ( among my photographic inspirations. Larry

Neil Whitaker
Here is my own tribute to Mr. Michael, er, Larry Spinak. While it is not an obvious ripoff, I think you'll notice elements of my photo that allude to the original Spinak.

Tony Dummett
Prefix Dis

Ri©k Vincent
I've been pushed over the edge... I can't take this anymore...I try and try to produce great photographs for Sure I get the occasional top photo...but someone always comes along and ruins it with a 3/3. You don't see them handing out POW's to Rick Vincent now, do you....WELL! Do YOU!! Then, something like this comes along....Clifford...He makes it look so easy to pull off a 6/6 average...EVEN WITH THE 3/3's...Well...I've had it...Its time to take action in the only other way I know how.....I HAVE CLIFFORD...and if you ever want to see his furry red hide again...ALIVE...then I suggest you listen up...I'm talking to YOU LAWRENCE...It's ransom time, and I suggest you pay up or little Red Cliffy here gets it. That's right, sizzled up like dog meat in a Mexican taco stand...Here's the deal ...7/7 rate every photo in my entire portfolio...That's right my friend...7/7...Yeah, you got it..that means you have to leave a comment on every photo says so...AND THEY BETTER BE GOOD COMMENTS...a few recommendations for POW wouldn't be a bad idea either. It's that simple...if you ever want to see your precious little scarlet fuzzball again. Like I said, I've gone over the edge...Somedoggy is going to pay If I don't get my demands met.

Suzanne Berry
At first glance I wasn't sure why all the high ratings on this either, but then after taking a long hard look, and it took a very-very long hard look, I now understand what it is about this that gives it that POW quality! It is done so cleverly that it's impossibe to tell for sure if it is real or PS, but however you've done it, you have captured a perfect image here that IMHO should be POW! The DOF is perfect and the Compostion is outstanding. The eye is drawn to Clifford. Nice touch with the bug splat! To be a little picky though, I think I would crop that little yellowish - orange truck out on the left, it's quite distracting. Then you have a truly perfect photo! If lettuce can get a 7, then Clifford should be an 8/8!!!! BTW ... Thanks Marc, for the "QOM"!! Afraid I'd have to give the answer a 3/3 though.

Marc G.
I see that art has inspired art !! Good ! :-)

Now, back to Brian's copyright infringment... Brian, come on ! Admit you are guilty... You said that you uploaded your image first, but honestly, all of us know that you are a hacker and that you even have access to all the pages on from the back door, and that you even manipulate ratings and comments occasionally - deleting some on the way almost on daily basis !! So, for a man of such black magic powers (and who loves red as well), it certainly was very easy to pick Clifford's photograph from the photographer's computer, do a close-up, and blow it up full frame. Dates are totally irrelevant here, as you are well aware of... I suspect you were secretely hoping that Mr Spinak would never upload this masterpiece, so that you could get full credit for your own upload. Too bad it didn't work out...:-)

Marc G.
WhilST I do understand that Mr. Seals rated this mediocre image of mine a 3/4...:

... and whilst Mr Seals rated the whole site around 4 anyway - oooops, except for the letuce -... I am left wondering how he could possibly rate Clifford the same way !!!!!!

I can't stand the idea to have this image of mine - or any other on this site - rated a point more than Clifford in Originality !! First, my model didn't bark, whereas Clifford does. Second, my model didn't align her testicules on the air condition nor her ears on the whipers ! So how the heck does that make Clifford less original !?!

Please, Bailey, be kind enough, for once out your more than 7000 ratings on, to justify the only rating where you fail to recognize the geniusness of its author !

WE WANT AN EXPLANATION ABOUT THIS 3/3 !! Or else I'm affraid Clifford himself will write a complaint to's abuse department !

Sam M-M
An image that really speaks for itself. I feel this photo is an excellent representative of a relatively small, but brilliant, portfolio.

M.M. Meehan
We could fill baileys box to bursting with over sized lettuces, the bbb worm, (it comes with the lettuce). What I really like about this photo is the barest hint of a ghost, directly behind the cool clifford between those two beautifully placed vehicles. It is almost poetic the way the ghost signifies Lawrence's chances of having such a magnificent work of art recognized here. And look, on one side of the road a yellow line, perfectly parrelling the white one on the other side, with Clifford slightly off center between them. This is a shot to die 4.

Marc G.
Bailey ...if I may ask, and since you are around... and since Clifford is all ears for your answers... why are you rating so many images ? and why all around the same figures ? and why don't you write comments in general ? and what are your qualifications to rate almost 5000 images in less than a month ? Does that leave you any time to look at the pictures you rate in the first place ?

I realize that you are entitled to do what ever you find suitable, but what's the point of all this, if I may ask ? What are you getting out of it - especially with no pictures online ?

Eugenio Demmenie
Question After seeing such a great photo one starts pondering "Where did the inspiration for this shot come from or what triggered the shot?" From the song "How much is that doggie in the window" a major hit in 1953??? Nearly 50 year's ago. Are we having a coincidence here? And the mentioning of the state of California in that song and the fact that this picture is taken in California. Another coincidence? And could this picture also have a second (sub) title "Lawrence's home coming". Link to the lyrics and song:

Brian Mottershead
This photo is too perfect to be believable. You can clearly see that the glints in his eyes are just not in the right place given the overall direction of the light. For example, they are inconsistent with the light on his little button nose. And then he cloned in that yellow thingy on the left, being sliced by the frame, just to make us think it was real. A little too clever! How come Mr Lawrence Spinak (is that your real name?) didn't disclose this obvious manipulation?

csab' józsa
Hahh! OKay, I'm still new over here, but this whole thing was a biiig surprise for me. Something unexpected and not completely pleasant. It seems to be a great joy to comment the person, and to comment the comment of the person, instead of the Picture itself. I doing the same right now?

Bob Pictaker
Tony - you were right!

Marc G.
Folks, just a minute... I think I found another fantastic dog shot... Of course, maybe not as fantastic as Clifford, BUT... a serious competitor... and it was sleeping with 0 ratings when I saw it !

Here it is...:

Isn't it worth a little rating too ?


Marc G.
Roger rated Clifford a 3/3 !?!? Mmm... Interesting... Now quite a few things start to make sense...:-)

I used to know a Roger who was a rabbit, and rabbit eat lettuces, don't they ? Coincidence ? Maybe. But all rabbits should theoretically celebrate a dog with such ears... No...?

M.M. Meehan
PP OW This is my vote for this photo as the Pre Photo of the Week. The PP award, concluded on Saturday at whatever EST, when all votes and comments are in and tallied. On the PP award, the comments appear on the photo before its chosen as the PPOW. As a tribute to this weeks PP OW I am attaching my best shot of the equally interesting animals on the back of the truck driven by the man who was cleaning the toilets at a rest stop on our last camping trip. True, its true! Look at Cliffords ears. Three months ago they were much shorter. Therefore, I think there has been some manipulation to this photo! There seems to be enough comments on this weeks PPOW to carry some over till next week.

Bobby Douglas
If I Had A Zero I Would Use It It looks to me like someone got really bored on a long road trip and popped off a shot of a red stuffed dog with a cheap digital camera, Then people looked at it and called it art. It's only art if you make it art by commenting on it hundreds of times and rating it high. What's at the top of the page is not art, But from there down is.

Dougity B
I have been ashamed, but can bare it no longer. I must let the truth out. I confess that I used photoshop in a recent posting. This is the real image. Thank You Clifford, for relieving me of the burden of such intolerable guilt!

Blagoy Tsenkulov
And only a headache after the party, and no fun anymore. Blago

Bart .
??????????????????????????? again : who is this Clifford thing? What is this? a joke? Why are so many of you giving out 7/7??????????

Brian P. McGuinness
Clifford meet Dudley, I think he needs your help!

R.J. Fox
Not sure I guess I'm really missing something on this image, or is everyone playing a big inside joke on us? Is it a good photo -- sure. But it absolutely fails to move me in any way, even if it is "technically perfect," which is irrelevant if the photo has no impact. I think Clifford the dog is too centered in the frame; the big dashboard does not add anything, and I think it would be better with the service truck on the far left taken out -- it's distracting to my eye.

Maria S.
I saw Clifford in New York City the other day. I think he belongs there.

Neil Whitaker
Tribute II This image is a tribute to two modern masters: Warhol and Spinak.

Konrad Brzozowski
Why why everybody want to catch Clifford

Marc G.
See... ... This is why I like Because it shows every day that we can learn at all ages. Especially by looking at the pictures like this one on the top pages !

Actually, I didn't even know that one could apply the Scheimpflug Rule with a digital camera, but now I can see how you so masterfully controled the DOF in this image... Thanks for sharing the precious details with the community. And thanks to Tony, who shares his knwledge on his latest uploads, which nobody apparently looks at.

I am glad to see, for once, the work of another genius besides Tony, finally appreciated for what it truly deserves. I will be back to study this masterpiece, and am already planing to hold a conference in a shoe box about Clifford as soon as I can - of course, with the permission of the author regarding this beautiful and non-manipulated true pure photograph that represents much more to me than any whiper !

Maria S.
I keep coming back here ... everything in this photograph provokes my feelings. We all owe something to Clifford -- this "poetic wellspring" as Brassai would put it, evokes uncontrollable emotions, a quality that is essential for a great photographer. And no wonder that, along with an insatiable curiosity about the world, about life, and a precise sense of form, this phtograph belated well deserved accolades. Thank you Clifford, thank Mr. Spinak ... I may now recline in my old armchair and re-examine my collective memories. You gave me back hope and strong sense of identity. I wish you to maintain your freshness of seeing and your uncorrupted attitude toward the world.

Brian Mottershead
I knew that "Lawrence" had to be a fake name. I mean, who really calls himself "Lawrence" any more? No, careful study of the server logs and tracing back IP addresses has provided conclusive evidence that Lawrence is really Tom Menegatos. So, okay Tom, did the nudes get a little boring? How about 'fessing up?

Jason Wedehase
I never even noticed the dog! Subtle, I like it.

Maria S.
Brian, it's not Tom. Clifford just called me and we had a long talk about another Roger trashing my photographs. Clifford wants meet at Meat Market this coming Sunday 2.30 PM sharp. I will keep you updated.

M. Hayward
Is this too derivative to be my own art?

Tony Dummett
No joke, Darian. This is a quick shot of Clifford boarding AF1, en route to a secret Middle Eastern kennel. We'd like to tell you more, but then we'd have to shoot you.

john paskey
What the Hell is goin on here?

Bart .
what am I missing here?? And who the hell is this clifford creature you all seem to adore so much???? Is this was a joke??

Arthur Sevestre
Yes... well... I'm sorry. The perspective, people! Did noone notice how Clifford's nose is made to look much much larger than it should be? Not very flattering, right? Someone mentioned the fact that Clifford is wisely trying to keep his private parts cool, but to me, it seems like there is something else going on... Those lights in his eyes, a good capture? A sign of experience in wildlife photography? Nay, I say that Clifford has the light of absolute fear in his eyes here! I suspect Lawrence from mistreating a model! From what I see, Clifford was jammed with his rear between the dashboard and the windshield (which will not be good for his fur if he has to stay there too long!) to be able to make a photo of him. Clifford seems to try to break free by flapping his ears wildly, trying to fly away (his hind legs are so crushed between the dashboard and the windshield that they will not have any power in them anymore to get out). The flapping is very artfully hidden by using a deviously fast shutterspeed (bad trick), but it didn't fool me! There is no lack of DOF that makes him appear a little unsharp, it is desperate movement!! You know what? I think Clifford will feel much more at home with Rick Vincent! Oh well... maybe I'm being just a little bit harsh on this photo. Other than what I just said, of course it is perfect and I already threw my camera out of the window. I guess I'm just a bit put off by the fact that our own dog saw this photo first and decided to change his hair colour. So now we have a red white shephard as seen above... Can you imagine that this is a bit painful and that it makes looking neutrally at this masterpiece is a bit difficult?

Arthur Sevestre
Marc!! You put a finger in Clifford's nose!!! How disrespectful can you get!

Christopher Keller
I'm getting in big trouble... I'm keeping my wife awake. I can barely contain my emotions... and frankly who could blame me... I feel so left out... I didn't see this till it reached the top of the list. Why didn't someone tell me. I feel just aweful. Please forgive me for only being supportive now that you're at the top. I see the frowning crease of the dashboard every time I look at the image... frowning at me... in dissapointment of me for not seeing the genius earlier.... heheheheheh!!!

Raf Tersin
NIMBY Just a warning to Clifford n friends .- Apparently Clifford is not welcome in downtown London Ont.- as captured in this photo by Bert Denda.

Seven Stuartson
Bart. It's a go at the current rating system in the process of overhaul. We want rate-weighting so that those running averages of 11/14 plus (ironically many slow-wits here participating, and rather fervently) don't have their endless 7/7s awarded to friends count as 7/7s. For many this is simply a tic pic. Not that it isn't quite brilliant of course.

Marc G.
I get your point, M. Hayward, and certainly Clifford deserves this... BUT... This is too much of a painting... this isn't after all !!

Maybe something more photonetty would be better...

Marc G.
Finally, despite all the low ratings, this amazing masterpiece has now reached the top of the top page for this week !! Bravo, Clifford !

Yet, it is just the start of a long career on the top pages of So, Lawrence, maybe it is time to prepare Clifford for his entry on the all-time best rated images on Don't you think ? So, how about this...? Would that help to climb the last few steps on the ladder of fame...?

Marc G.
I sure hope so... (Uploaded with all due respect to Emil.)

Ariel Lopez
You morons are getting too bogged down in the subject, and are ignoring the obvious symbolism of the piece. CLEARLY, this is a comment about modern communist regimes trying to move forward into a new era, while looking back on the triumphs and mistakes of the past. Sheer Brilliance. 7/7 no question.

Marc G.
Oh la la !!!! Ken, you are lacking respect to Clifford I'm affraid...:-)

barb surgeon
It's good, but is it as good as Fritz Saurer's classic "sex"?

Diran Yanikian
This whole thread.. its a joke... right?

Maria S.
I know this is getting boring now but, if you forgive me, I wanted to share my first computer art piece ... I am off to learn more of this exciting technique ... I think I'll start with Kertesz and add a tad of Pieter Breughel, both my favorites. Ciao all.

G .
Eugene said: "Dogs (Canis familiaris, L.) are colour blind. Therefore, not only they cannot discriminate their own "natural" colours, but also they have a problem watching traffic lights when leading completely (not colour) blind pedestrians. Dogs do, however, work around (or walk around) this problem by monitoring traffic, especially looking after Fords that may be red, and might carry red Clif-Fords on their dashboards. It leads me to believe, that a dog, dog as a subject, cannot find this web page offensive, unless a human (like Geraldine) tells him so. Therefore, it is Okay to paint dogs red."

Dogs (4-legged flesh-eating animal of many breeds akin to wolf etc) may well be colour blind, but this does not mean we can indisputably conclude they cannot find this web page or red paint 'offensive' without someone telling them so. Consider these points:

a) during the hours that we sit here zombied in awe, soaking up the divine exalted array of Clifford pixels, hoping in our desperate desire for some tiny ray of genius to be imbibed - our little four legged friends meanwhile suffer at our feet, from gross negligence and frustration that their meal has not been laid down, and they have not been out of the house to stretch their limbs or empty their bladders for an entire week (this can be tested by calculating the mean average of urine puddles around the house, and multiplying it by the sum value of recorded data collected from counting hard stools)

b) red paint (colouring matter esp in liquid form, applied to matter) feels sticky, glutinous, viscous, and uncomfortable, matting hair whatever the colour of the paint. This hypothesis has been supported by results obtained by a rigourously controlled experiment conducted on at least two children's heads (Allen 2002), providing statistics that were analysed using the 'Clifford scale of significance', and based on these results we might deduce that the paint would stimulate similar subjective responses and consequences of viscosity factor by a dog.

c) "natural colours" may not be observed visually by dogs, but unnatural colours can indeed be recognised by canines. Not by optical means producing visual information true, but by sniffing bottoms, the receptors in the nasal membranes become excited, sending transmitters through the synapses and central nervous system to the amygdala of the brain, where the message is interpreted subconsciously. If, for example, an unpainted dog inhales the aromatic pheramones from red painted dogs bottom, an upsurge of adrenalin will immediately be initiated, promoting subconscious thoughts such as "this is not a brother canine but an artifically coloured slave creature for the pleasure of the human". The sensory inputs therefore stimulate the dog's instinct to 'fight or flight' as anxieties of slave capture by humans envelope them. Similarly, Freud describes the Canis Complex, whereby a dog displays inappropriate sexual behaviour on an owners leg, driven by subconscious desires to 'own' him.

Of course if you submissively feed the dog roast chicken (with homemade gravy) whilst the 'painting red' process is being undertaken, accompanied by verbal statements of humility from the human such as 'your royal highness', 'oh regal one', or 'I am nothing without you' then the dogs natural instinct and automatic impulses for fight or flight, are blocked. He will thereafter associate the smell of other red painted dogs bottoms as not being 'human slave' but rather a master of the human (which is probably how Tony got away with it). Was it Plato or Aristotle that said 'let thy dog be painted only by virtue of the throne'?

Regards to the egocentric law you refer Eugene, is this not justified considering where I go the sun still follows me? And further, should not Clifford be assumed to be alive on the basis that all our collective devotion, love, and adoration has made him alive? Don't bother with the age old 'projection' claptrap please. This argument is synonomous to mirror theory, but I know my reflection in the mirror only exists because I am stood in front of it, yet it still looks lovingly back at me, and it is still there if I close my eyes and don't see it, yes? Hah! How to explain that? In fact don't bother to try on this page, as the discussion will inevitably deny Clifford his full and rightful entitlement to further offerings of glory.

I do not think your logocentrism has deconstructed sufficiently enough to account for the fact that first, the spoken language is adequate enough expression only if the ideas are already shared in the mind of the interactive parties, and second, that writing them is twice removed from the 'living presence'! Space is limited, and humble sycophancy is of the essence. Rate high 7's and bow down before Clifford - or else move over and allow another visitor to oblige!

Josh Hansen
7/7 brilliance, sheer brilliance

Ri©k Vincent
Ken...A little trick I learned Make the longest side of your photo 500 pixels or less and your photo will not post as a link. As you can see Clifford is starting to enjoy his dognapping.

Ken Williams ...
Hmmmm .......... Uploaded with all due respect to Marc ........... (-;

Philippe Gauthier
Eugene: Clap, clap, clap (standing ovation).

Noah Bryant
This photo is so wonderful, the only response I can give is violence against it, for no longer can I be a photographer, my one true passion...alas...

Tony Dummett
AWESOME! Truly One I Would Hang On MY Wall! While we must discount the comments of M. Spinak above (any relation, Mike? heh-heh-heh...) I must join the avalanche of praise for this photograph.

Put simply: it is a metaphor. The cute little button eyes, that cute little button nose, the incredible color of the fur symbolic of blood spilled (and yet to be spilled)... all juxtaposed against "those windshield wipers slappin' time" remind me of my childhood... days with Dad - an itinerant bucket salesman - in the car, travelling from town to town looking for a sale. I loved my Dad, but all I wanted was a dog, a puppy to play with and be my friend. All I got was, "Aaaaargh, shaddup kid", from him and maybe a backhander into the bargain. But I was happy. We were happy.

As Pop and I moved across the highways (and we must ask, "is this the highway of Life?"), we would see retard trailer trash also criss-crossing the country. Boy, was I lucky. Although we only ever stayed in one-star dingy motel rooms, I learnt that, in Life, there is always someone not quite as fortunate as I was, someone that I could truly say to myself was even lower down the head-kicking ladder than we were. Someone to look down on and despise: people who only had dingy trailers to call home. Yes, I realised then, as I do now, that there is beauty in bigotry.

But back to "Clifford". Is that name just pure chance? We can only conjecture about it, but something deep down tells me "Clifford" is a reference to something more than just a stuffed toy. The words of Saddam Hussein (Iraq's poet laureate) come to mind:

As Allah's dark armies
view the climax of
the mother of battles
as they ford the
river of blood..."

well, you know the rest... let's just say that Lawrence has achieved a level of subtlety here that renders my own work (and that of many others on this site) meaningless.

Technically this is a faultless photograph. From the converging parallax lines of the highway, to the excellent use of color enhancement Photoshop filters, this image screams, "Genius!". At first I thought some small cropping of the left hand side to get rid of the parked car might be advisable (who was asleep in that car? ... we can only wonder), but on a second viewing (and I will come back again and again to this picture) I realised that Lawrence had something definite in mind for this corner. This simple parked car is an allegory for all our lives: parked cars on Life's highway, going nowhere, signifying nothing.

Then there is Lawrence's brilliant use of negative space to the right. At first sight one sees only flat boring farmland, devoid of anything interesting at all. And then, on subsequent viewings, one is knocked off one's feet with the realisation that it is nothing. Negative space, signifying empty space: a poignant reminder that on either side of the road one will discover only more emptiness.

Even though I have taken many prize-winning shots in my time (just yesterday I approved five 40x60 inch prints for exhibition in the local scout troop's Forgotten Geniuses art show and garage sale), I feel like hanging up my Leica M3, with 50mm f1.4 Summicron and Gitzo panoramic calibrated tripod and taking up pavement art. This picture is that good.

Lawrence, thank you for sharing, except now I'm going to have to kill myself.

Ken Williams ...
Timing .... No one has yet to mention the timing of the shot !! ............ Just at the last second managing to 'catch' the County road crew truck as they are maintaining the 'lush' xeroscaping of the median !! ............... AND !! ......... as my 5 year old daughter points out - "This is the first known image of a County road crew which does not depict 4 guys watching with 1 guy digging !! " ........

M.M. Meehan
I believe I saw that particular shade of red on an Ellesworth Kelly photo, and on a certain test photo. Are you plagarizing Ellesworth, Lawrence? Shame on all plagurists (spelling)and red dogs. Doug Burgess, can you make a color scale to measure reds, like your black to whitest of white one?

Marc G.
UPDATE !!! After a careful examination of Brian Mottershead's latest upload - see link in my previous post -, I came to the conclusion, that Brian actually brokre the sacro-saint laws of copyright and actually uploaded as his an image that was nothing but an extreme macro of our star Clifford.

I analyzed most carefully, and it appears that the 248 red on Clifford's fur is exactly the same as the red in Brian's upload ! I even saw that one of Clifford's hair had been cloned off from Brian's upload - without Brian even mentionning it in the technical details !!!!

Please note - highly scientific content after this:

To detect this illegal cloning, we applied the known CD-TD 7326 test, which was used by Tony Dummett on all previous manipulated POWs. Which is to say that there is absolutely no doubt left about the fraud.

SO, BRIAN... How could you complain today about a dog you actually used to become famous on for this "image" of yours you had the guts to call "Test"...???

Marc G.
Official warning to Rick Vincent We will not negociate with terrorists. Surrender immediately or your portfolio will be surrounded by thousands of Bailey Seals and Rogers by tomorrow morning 8 a.m martian time !

G .
What I find clever about this photograph (it has been established as a photograph hasn't it?), is that it has been cunningly designed to mislead you. Look at the perspective lines being used at the top section leading us out of the frame instead of the cliche placement at the bottom leading you in. Regarding the circles of confusion, look at the dof, it is very finely controlled to blur Clifford (executive decision to use a long focal length at a very short distance worked amazingly successfully to achieve this), and ingeniously place emphasis on the road and traffic, not Clifford - who in my mind is merely there as witness watching us, watching them (the traffic in front). Hell it even says "Clifford ON THE ROAD" in the title. If that's not a clue then I don't know what is. This picture therefore, is a subtle statement about voyeurism. Not that I know much about it, but if you zoom in on the caravan at 590078% you can just about make out a couple amongst the pixels of the gap in the curtain. You see? You have all been barking up the wrong tree.

ps Tony I do not think it is politically or morally correct to colour dogs red if that is not their natural colour (like Cliffords). It demeans their sublime status in the animal kingdom - unless of course you are implicating their regal status by using red to denote royalty?.

Tony Dummett
"Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky, stormy weather..." I'm half expecting Tris and Peter C. to materialise, ghostlike, carrying Vuk wearing a pimp hat on their shoulders while David G. writes anonymous paeans to whatever it was he used to write anonymous paeans to.

And where is Geraldine A., our muse who worked it all out and then got banned before she could tell us what was really going on? Nejat? Blowin' in the wind, my friends; flying high with P.G.... as they all are - now - but not as they all should be....

Mottershead is making very un-Editor-In-Chief-like accusations, Spinak (M) is accusing me of serial stalking and Gougenheim is pixelating Mottershead's upload, applying the CD-TD 7326 test. Someone's gotta say it: this place has gone to the dogs. Meanwhile, has anyone given a thought to Clifford?

Clifford: alone, bounden (as was Prometheus), a pawn in this game of international name-calling and oneupmanship; his little cojones already frozen, now subjected to indescribable indignities in the laundry tub of Captain Sin himself: Rick "Osama bin" Vincent, of no fixed address.

The attached photograph to this post makes a simple statement. You - all of you - would do well to heed it.

So as not to have this comment moderated-out, striving to be on-topic at all times, can I ask Lawrence, did you ever work with Yul in your previous career and did he have any influence on your current photographic work?

Ken Williams ...
Lol ..... The Patients have taken over the asylum John !! ..................... (-;

Tony Dummett
As usual, you have read my mind, Geraldine. Clifford is indeed reminiscent, in my mind, of royalty. Welcome back. You have been sorely missed.

Neil Whitaker
The Kiss Among other things, we have a statement on classic triangular compositon. The image is chock full of them--all of these alluding to the invisible triangle from the photographer's eyes to Clifford. This is no less than a 21st century rework of "The Kiss". The intensity, the anticipation, the archetypes, and the passion are all there. In spite of my enthusiasm, I remain suspicious that someday this, like Doiseneau's image, will turn out to be a posed photograph.

Donna Kipfer
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Wow! Speechless.

Bart .
Konrad Brzozowski, nope I don't know the little fellow. Never seen him, must be something American. But what's the big deal?

Steve Patterson
Yes, yes, R. Crumb meets Edward Munch in an obvious critique of contemporary consumerism and overt matererialism masking the ennui of mass alienation and the death of spiritual values in the wake of a shattering gestalt loss of faith following the horrors of the Second World War and ensuing uncertainty of the nuclear age. I like it. Steve

Ken Williams ...
Sniff ... Sniff ... I smell burning polyester ................. Has anyone heard from Rick Vincent ??? ...........

Sam Trenholme
Wonderful masterpiece One thing other posters have not commented on is the beauty of the tress in the background; the contrast between the closely spaced trees on the right hand side with the more widely spaced trees on the left hand side gets the viewer's attention. The beauty of the trees on the left first catches the viewer, which makes them naturally want to look to the right of the road, where the more closely packed trees naturally draws the viewer downward. At which point ones eyes is drawn to the dog's right ear; this then diverts the viewer to the shape of the dog as a whole. The plush dog, naturally, represents fragility (as do the beautiful trees). The SUV driving in front represents the destruction of the environment; this photo is definitely an environmental statement. The oversized dashboard in the bottom of the photo strengthens the environmental statement; it shows how our technology is replacing the beautiful environment (as represented by the top of the photo) with a relatively bleak grey. A truly marvelous photo; this one definitely deserves a 7/7! - Sam

Jonathan Thurlow
Awesome! What more can be said?

Bart .
I asked this twice already. Why is nobody explaing this to me? Again : who is this Clifford thing? What is this? a joke? Why are so many of you giving out 7/7????

Konrad Brzozowski
Bart . Don't U know Clifford ???

Joseph Davidchik
I think this image has set the tone for photographic style for the next 10 years...

Also, it is just breath taking his influence in art history

Christian Deichert
It saddens me that some of the fine members who have posted to this thread (such as the illustrious "Bart.") cannot appreciate the masterful image that graces this page. I am moved almost to speechlessness, yet fortunately I can still hunt and peck out my sentiments to share in the wondrous delight of so many before me. I only wish that I had stumbled upon this divine majesty before today. I feel as if my existence up to this point has been a sham, a hollow shell which only now has been filled with life. Allow me to tender my own tribute to this image, this perfect image that delights me whenever I close my eyes and seek the meaning of life and all existence.

Sam M-M
Clifford's Web Site For Bart and all those who want to do more research on Clifford, try

Morwen Thistlethwaite
The truly universal significance of this masterwork is evidenced by the amazing diversity of interpretations we see here. On the one hand we have from Mr. Dummett a fascinating and provocative piece of verbal detective work, worthy of the Nostradamus Institute for Mystical Research and Tealeaf Reading; but there are also highly instructive observations on the way that fundamental principles of geometry are portrayed. My own fascination is focussed on the subtle sensuality of the dashboard; the juxtaposition of its soft contours with the tensed, coiled spring is exquisite. I can barely refrain from caressing it.

Nick S
Wow, now I really feel special. To be on a colloquial, first-name, basis with the great Lawrence Spinak! Hi Larry!

Ri©k Vincent
Hot Dog Hooo..ha ha ha ha. I can bring home the Clifford, and fry him up in a pan.

Mark Wilkins
Comments from the client... Could you umm, punch up the road a little bit. Also, we'd like a little more of a highlight on Clifford's forehead to give his fur a healthy glow. Take the hood saturation down a notch too, it competes with him. You guys bill 180 days net, right?

Philippe Gauthier
Phil, the friendly groundhog, waves a blue strawberry as a tribute to Clifford's success.

Seven Stuartson
Masterful but.... Lawrence you are to be commended on this excellent, unposed moment. The perspective and field depth are simply awsome. Including the orange truck
moderated very good.

Exposure is perfect, especially the sky, love the way it contrasts so well with the warm grass.
The absence of roadkill is moderated - no reference to photoshop or Daniel Bayer
but I'm willing to let that pass in this instance.

All told Lawrence, I am very impressed with your creativity and feel the less literally minded moderated - that's an insult to the realists. How many times must I - I mean Brian - remind you of this challenging.

I must ping a point off my rating though - it's on the A scale as I believe this image ought to have a top-rated frame as befitting its status.

John Thorne
UNbelieveable Lawrence, was this dramaticly high attention and commotion caused on accident? I don't think I'll ever get so much attention or such high ratings on any of the images I shoot, ever. Tell us your REAL story: what actually prompted you to take this image and why did you post it on

Joseph Davidchik
All Hail.... ...the dog

Regina Chayer
Ya'll knock me out....clifford has been my idol since childhood. At last a real tribute. no words...... (choke...sob) We need a hero to rescue him from Rick... pleassee I emplore you... someone save that furry red puppy!!

Konrad Brzozowski
Free Clifford !!!

Philippe Gauthier
The portrait Yusuf Karsh never dared to shoot What impresses me the most here is the masterful lighting, a subtle graduated technique that the famous portraitist Karsh never quite managed to achieve. Note the symbolism of the dark dashboard, reminiscent of the car cramped and frightening environment. Also note how the road is bright is shiny, a symbol of a better future. Now, note how Clifford emerges from this darkness, with his eyes just over the shadows: this dog wants to escape from the car/prison and to wander on the roads in the search of a better future! Will he escape to a SUV or to a Winnebago? The question remains open ended, as the two vehicles ahead both fall in zone X, eaxctly as the eyes of Clifford! Now, that's a statement! Colors are also daring and a definite key to the profound meaning of this picture. Note how the reds on the car and Clifford are similar. Clearly, the car and Clifford are (currently) to be taken as a whole. But the colors of Clifford are blocked, meaning that this situation is no longer possible. The situation has to evolve. Now, what do we see outside: a GREEN cast! The complementary color! No wonder why Clifford feels attracted to the outside world - there lies the solution to his problems. Note too how the green cast subtly creeps into the car, on the dashboard. The closed, prison like space of the car is clearly threathened by the outside world and it's only a matter of time before Clifford escapes! The wiper is just another futile attempt to keep Clifford in place, but it won't work, because the outside world has already pervaded the car. A lesson of photography, really.

Ri©k Vincent
Did you meter for the dashboard...Amazing the detail in the shadows...How did you ever get such detail in the shadows without blowing out the highlights...this must have been a dodging and burning nightmare. You pulled it off so well. Don't you think so Bart? Don't you see the brilliance?

Ken Williams ...
The worried parents ....

Christopher Keller
dodging and burning??? maybe doggin' and chillin'

Dave Nance
Now this is an excessively saturated Clifford.

Tony Dummett
Duh, Vuk... Vuk's comment, while rather trite and adding little of note to the discussion of this image, is actually correct... which is surprising, given his adherence to incorrect concepts like chemical-based film and vinyl records that can never hope to match CDs and CCDs, respectively, in pictorial or sound quality. Vuk, I'm surprised you deigned to comment on a ... ugh ... digital image. Congratulations on POW (in advance) Lawrence. This one'll go all the way. Move over HC-B, LCS's in town.

Ed Burns
What the F#$% There comes a time in every man's life when he's just gotta' say, "What the F#$%". This apparently was Lawrence's. He broke all the rules of modern thinking and created something visionary. I have to admit though, that I was disappointed by the lack of a motion blur...but that's just my narrow minded thinking, I guess. I try so hard to create beautiful images, that it makes me jealous to know that someone like Lawrence can make it look so easy. As I reach for my goal of reaching even an "average" rating on my photos, I'll try to keep in mind the lessons I've learned here by reading all the comments written. I humbly bow in shame though, until I can come up with something half as exciting. (Maybe I'll ask my five year old daughter to help me)

Vuk Vuksanovic
avant garde, en garde Just over a decade ago now, I tried explaining to my trendy, artsy friends how Flavor Flav* made one of the most influential gestures in 20th century fashion by hanging those huge clocks around his neck. They all laughed at the time, but just look in the streets today at the oversized pants, flashy running shoes, silly hats and supersized jewelry and you'll see who's had the last laugh. This picture is the photographic equivalent of that bold artistic statement by Mr. Flav. I will now have to completely rethink my whole approach to shooting in order to keep up.


*of the band Public Enemy--sorry for pointing out the obvious, but it's for the sake of certain totally unhip Photonetters and those living in extremely remote/isolated places like Australia

Lawrence Spinak
Just for the record... This picture hasn't been digitally manipulated. I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

Regina Chayer
I agree with Geraldine. At least I think I do....?

Marc G.
Hasn't anybody stated yet how beautifully Cliiford's ears reflect the outside world and the position of the 2 vehicles in front ? Certainly the sign of a message intended by the author, like "Listen to life instead of the Rolling Stones !"

At the same time, I am amazed at the usage of horizontal lines in this image. Clifford has obviously aligned his ears - symbols of his perceptions - with the whipers - which must be some symbol of protection.

Basically, this picture very obviously tells me: " thou shall make sure, that your senses reflect reality and thou shall be for ever protected of sorrow - and Rolling Stones...

7 / 7 - what else ?

Ken Williams ...
Duped ????? ............ Crop the truck ???? ................. !!!!

Dougity B
Could someone please explain to me why this image is rated so highly? I just don't get it. The poor dog has windshield wipers growing out of his ears, for crying out loud! I think a lower angle would have really helped on this one. More dashboard, definitly. You can never have enough dash in a photograph.

Dougity B
I must apologize for the ignorance of my previous post. After reading this thread I can see how I completely misunderstood the subtle artistry involved in the making of this photo. My only future hope is that I am able to retain any respect from my colleagues for failing to recognize a true masterpiece.

Lawrence Spinak
dashboards, etc. Well Tony, since you asked: I could go on all day about f-stops and apertures and exposure lengths and angles of light. I could discuss the circles of confusion, and the intricacies of applying the Scheimpflug Rule. Getting the dashboard "just so" turned out to be extraordinarily difficult. Ultimately, one piece of technology turned out to be essential to the success of this photograph: the little lever beside the seat that lets you lower the seat back. Once I'd adjusted the seat properly, a whole world of possibilities opened up to me. It was this "seat adjustment technique" that allowed me to correctly capture the Fibinacci-like ratio of dashboard to windshield, thereby properly framing the gentle bug-splat between SUV and camper. Colin: At the moment of impact...ummm...capture, there was no actual "driver" in the strictest sense of the word. As you well know, dedication to one's art occasionally requires a high degree of sacrifice. This was one of those events that made me examine my priorities. You put it in perspective, and ask yourself, "What is more important to me: to be a 'driver' or a 'photographer'?" The choices become very simple.

Timo Hartikainen
I don't understand ...why there are so many comments and high ratings for this photo?

Mary Ball
While there are some merits to this photograph, I must point out that the dog is a little stiff and clearly posed. I would have preferred a more candid shot in which the subject was not so aware of the camera. Unlike Mr. Dummitt, I prefer photos where the photographer is not involved with the subject. Perhaps a zoom lens and blurred background would have been more effective. I also object to the white vehicles that seem to draw my eye from the main subject.

Naturally, I must also admonish you bad boys (you know who you are) for the usual name calling and rants. How uncivil. We have to be careful here or next thing you know there will be moderation on all images.... mod. edit ;-)

Keat Lim
Art? No art! The original picture is a photograph.. and the rest are derivatives of that original therefore these and all the other beautifully crafted alterations submitted by everyone are indeed photographs.

p.s. Aside from the original masterpiece... I really like Neil's intrepretation of Warhol's classic :) (the rest are great too!)

Rich 815
Future POW? doubt in my mind. Congratulations! Wonderful! I know this exact spot and often thought of what potential it has. This is just superb. Incredibly smart concept, and really executed with the highest degree of precision. I think this your best ever. You made my day. Stunningly well done. I'm jealous.....what a fantastic image, I really admire your work. Thank you for sharing it with us and the inspiration it provides. Conceptually, its a brilliant piece of work. Master piece. Well done, a wonderful picture. Wow.. outstanding work. Wonderful. I have nothing but praise for this one. Clap. Clap. Clap. I like your technical details too.. This piece is wonderful. This piece is Art. Yes, we can agree that its not everyone's idea of Art. But lets sit back and enjoy it. Really a beautiful shot... Please keep posting... It just doesn't get any better than this. Period. just too good. Very beautiful photo. One of the best photos here at in my opinion.

Charles Guajardo
Obviously a fake If you notice the light falling across Clifford's face doesn't match up with the shadows underneath the vehicles. Once again, has been duped by a very convincing Photoshopped composite. I also would have cropped the utility truck out of the shot.

Tony Dummett
Don't take any notice of them, Lawrence. They're just jealous of your talents and only wish they could come even close to this masterwork. Morwen was really onto something when he mentioned the dashboard. Since I took my first picture at the age of 2, with a shoebox painted black on the inside for a camera and a polished coke bottle for a lens, and developed my first film, in the snow, at 40 below, surrounded by bears, with only a translucent coonskin over the tent flap for a safelight, using one of my Dad's leaky two gallon buckets patched with lard and a little washing powder mixed with bicarbonate and dirt for developer, in 1942 (that's 60 years in the business in case you can't add up), I have been trying to photograph dashboards and never thought of combining them with wipers in quite the way you have. Dad and I musta drove near 400,000 miles, and because he wouldn't buy me a dog there wasn't much else to do but look at the dashboard, 'cept on special occasions when I got to work the window winders. I always believed I knew quite a bit about dashboards, but dashboards with wipers... now that's a different story altogether. In my defence I must say that Dad didn't believe in wipers. He used to get me out on the bonnet with a chisel to chip at the ice. He reckoned it was cheaper that way. He'd let me warm my hands up on the exhaust pipe after, if I was good. Occasionally we'd see other cars with wipers, but I never seemed to have my shoebox ready, loaded with film to take their picture. I used to keep all my clothes in that shoebox too and I could never manage to empty it out in time and screw on the coke bottle ready for a snapshot. I guess that's what they mean when they talk about the Decisive Moment, eh? Lawrence, could you give us some more information, please, on just how you managed to capture the dashboard so well and so subtly? Could you share your insights - technical and artistic - with us on that subject?

Keith Van Hulle
Sad What really makes me sad are the multiple comments from people here who don't understand this. Guess they just don't appreciate art . . .

Craig Winsor
Help! I woke up this morning and my dog was red! What is going on in this world? I wonder if Bailey will be as generous on his ratings of this image now? :-)

Lawrence Spinak
Strumming My Pain With His Fingers, Singing My Life With His Words... Tony, Never before have I felt so completely and totally...understood. It's exhilarating and not just a little bit frightening. Thank you, thank you, thank God for you Tony Dummett, the wind beneath my wings.

Tom Klancer
Lawrence Spinak - new God of photography Ansel Adams? Crap!
Cartier-Bresson? Hack!
Weston? Incompetent!

There is but one God of photography, and His name is Spinak.

Nick S
Again, I'm late to the party. Don't you guys know by now that I don't yet have a home computer? An originally sublime, technically proficient photograph like this gets uploaded on the weekend, and I'm left without the benefit of basking in its glow until I arrive at work on Monday morning? C'mon, I know I'm not the only one in this position, so Lawrence, in all fairness, a masterpiece like this should only be uploaded on a Monday so that the full audience can be suitably enlightened. I'm not going to drag this discussion into our weekly PS vs. non-PS POW debate. Though certainly deserving of POW honours, this photo does not deserve the characteristic mire of such a debate. The detractors above (Brian, this one's leveled at you) should get a life, and leave such worry's to the higher ups who clearly know what is, and what isn't a photograph. In fact, the sheer brilliance of this photograph has led me to reconsider my long-standing practice of not rating photographs. It deserves nothing less than a 10 and 10. Hey wait a minute, what's this maximum 7 and 7 crap? Site management... justifications please! Can you direct me to a thread where this heavy-handed, totalitarian and fundamentally undemocratic change of course has been disclosed... with feedback from us, the membership (and the true OWNERS of this site)? Besides, I need some good bed-time reading (reading 5 or six comments on this topic might be interesting).

Ri©k Vincent
Yes Ken, and you definitely have the eggs. Proof is in the portfolio. When will you advance to chickens, or did the chicken come first.

Hanna Cowpe
I think Cliffy here has been fed too much genetically engineered dog food - preserves the colour but not worth eating - so I'd pull him out of the frying pan. Or maybe he's just suffering from a touch of the Bailey's. I tend to turn a few shades of red when I get that too!

Bob Pictaker
BRAVO! I remember it like it was yesterday. A photography exhibition where I saw "Moonrise Hernandez" hanging alongside "Earth Rise" taken from Apollo 8. I stood there dumbfounded. Overwhelmed by the power of this art form. It was the most profound moment I've had as a photographer. Until this morning, when I saw Clifford. After spending a few hours sitting in a closet, rocking back and forth and wringing my hands, I've gathered the courage to view this image again (and to face my own failures). As I type this my hands tremble, but I must express to the photographer the deepest gratitude - and respect. You've touched me.

Jeffrey Goggin

The slight horizon tilt bothered me a bit at first until I realized the photographer had left it this way intentionally, as a subtle way of letting us know that it hasn't been Photoshopped to death, as is too often the case with other images we see these days. Clearly, the image he posted here is an image that was captured on the camera's CCD with a single, well-timed exposure and not one that he created, Frankenstein-like, from various bits-and-pieces.

Personally, I haven't felt this excited about photography in a long time and I can't wait to see more of this talented photographer's work over the coming weeks!

Miles Hecker
Awesome composition, color and celestial harmony. I've heard from a respected source that Red Zinger is going to use this shot in their next ad campaign. Well done!

Tony Dummett
A member called "Bailey Seals" gave this picture a "3/3" rating. Hardly surprising for someone who awarded a "7" for aesthetics to a photograph of... a lettuce.

Cunningly, Seals has "0 photos uploaded" so we can't revenge-rate. I've never seen a more open-and-shut case for getting even with a fellow member as this ratings outrage.

Did anyone notice that Clifford appears to be trying to keep his testicles cool by jamming his little bottom into the air-conditioner vent? If only others in these pages had done the same thing, we wouldn't have the flame wars that so beset the site nowadays.

There is so much to learn from this image.

Seven Stuartson
Larry I reckon this was taken 12h05 your time. Settings iso 125, digital FL 5.8mm @ 1/588 seconds. Why 1/588 secs ? I asked myself; no answer - clearly the touch and logic of a master.

Nick S
Clearly, the brilliance of this photo has struck a chord with the community. Equally clear is the popularity of our canine friend - Clifford. Given all the ongoing changes here at, how about one more? Who's in favour of Clifford becoming the official mascot? Personally, I think it would be refreshing to see that cute little button nose, floppy ears, and of course the unbelievably chic red fur when I log into each day. Why, the administrators of this site could even use little mini-Clifford icons next to especially important links they would like to draw our attention to. Of course, being the property of one Larry Spinak, copyright concerns might raise their less-cute-than-Clifford heads.

Mike Scott
Yawn- Another derivative work executed by some wanna-be placing his equipment in the tripod holes of the masters. Don’t you recall Ansel Adam’s “Lassie on the Road to Santa Fe” or William Henry Jackson’s “Rin Tin Tin Hits the Trail” or perhaps even Henry Fox Talbot’s “Scamp on a Gravel Path”? More recently we’ve seen William Wegman’s “Man Ray Riding a Unicycle on Ventura Blvd.” and don’t forget James Nachtwey’s “Refugee Poodle.” I do admire the display of photographic ability. “Clifford…” is technically exquisite and a visual feast, but it’s been done before.

Ken Williams ...
Ahhh ......... there he is again ........... My only regret is I have but one vote to give this ......... this ......... sobbing Oh ......... guess I can vote again ...........

Patrick-Michel Dagenais
Utterly insane, please keep it going.

John G.
A Riddle: How would you describe a dyslexic agnostic with insomnia?

Mary Ball
Dogs are not the only ones with a colorblind problem With all this analyzing...Are you all seeing the color in this image correctly? Did you know that 10% of men have one of the many forms of colorblindness? Aha... Maybe that is the problem here. If you want to test your color accuity... Go to this link.. There is a color test there.

Tony Dummett
Mark, you mean I'm not the ONLY one who has to spell that word? You can't imagine how liberating it is, knowing that it's not just me (I have trouble with "d-o-g" too).

Cristi Petrescu-Prahova

Mark Crame
Seven Three's are twenty-one Clifford? The hat of the man on the corner, it beckons. Where was he?

John G.
The Theology of Clifford Clifford in his latest incarnation was martyred at the Internet and last seen walking in the desert with a porcupine-like suit of many arrows.

Mark Thomas
Yes, Tony, it feels great when you finally decide to 'come out'. And it is not just w-a-l-k, it is also l-e-a-s-h, c-a-r, d-r-i-v-e, and worst of all... n-e-k-c-i-h-c and e-t-a-l-o-c-o-h-c*. (Those last two I have to do backwards, even, otherwise he just goes ballistic.) Anyway, back to this icon of our time.. Has anyone else noticed the repeating shapes here? You need to zoom in *really* close - in fact I use special NASA-designed software for the purpose (follow the links from the main Nasa homepage). But once there, you will clearly see that the caravan tailights=Clifford Ears (horizontal), 4WD tailights=ditto (vertical) and the roadside stones=Clifford Eyes.. Go on, look reeallly close. So, digital manipulation? I think NOT. A higher power is at work here, methinks.. mt *Small children are warned that deciphering this word and feeding it to your dog can in fact be fatal unless it is special 'doggy ---------'.

Mark Thomas
For just a moment I thought you were onto something, Mary. I mean there has to be a reason why there are some folk who just don't seem to get this masterpiece. But I am in fact a partial protanope - and yet I was gobsmacked from the moment I saw this. Even my dog, who some are cruelly claiming to have very limited color vision, went into raptures when he saw it. The only other time he does this is when I say the 'w-a-l-k' word.

Anyway, Snoop (no relation to Nathanael) would also like to offer this image, rendered appropriately but inadequately, merely as an homage to the Master. It shows him in my car, with a pleading look - he wants a Spinak print for his kennel.

Lawrence, Snoop and I are in awe.

Bobby Douglas
If I Had A Zero I Would Use It It looks to me like someone got really bored on a long road trip and popped off a shot of a red stuffed dog with a cheap digital camera, Then people looked at it and called it art. It's only art if you make it art by commenting on it hundreds of times and rating it high. What's at the top of the page is not art, But from there down is.

Nelson Cotrim
Why? Can´t you see the magnificent dress Clifford wears around its royal shoulders?

Joe Shatus
Come to think of it, I'm beginning to see it. Yes, I am. How could one be so blind when exposed to art in such unadulterated form. Like any great art, it takes time to appreciate the nuances and subtleties here. Ah, so much to learn. The Emperor does have new clothes!

Barry F - Oklahoma
Healing powers When I found this amazing lens work, I was suffering from a cold and a headache. The headache is gone. Now my whole face aches. Can it be that Clifford has healing powers? The only improvement to this work would be if it had been raining, and we could have been privileged to see the windshield wipers in motion. Too bad.

Christian Deichert
Come, come. Mustn't forget Lawrence "Larry" Spinak's heroic portrayal of Conrad Fleck on "Parker Lewis Can't Lose."

Ken Cravillion - Oshkosh, WI

You think that is art. Look what I found by James Larson!

Found here

Joe Shatus
Emperor's Clothes If this thread isn't a spoof then it's a wonderful example of the Emperor's New Clothes.

Clarissa Lagrange
Whee!! outrageous! err.... outstanding!

Beatrice Flowers
Clifford in the USSR The latest declassifications of KGB archives have sent veritable shockwaves through the worldwide community of Sovietologists. According to a longtime, and completely insuppressible local urban legend, an 'animal' has had significant influence on Kremlin policies during the late 1930's. To this day, however, no one even dared to assume the word 'animal' should be taken at face value. The recent release of formerly classified photos show the presence of the creature we have come to refer to as 'Clifford' freely mingling with known members of the innermost circles of Soviet power. Case in point is the attached picture, which is well known owing to the later airbrushing-out of KGB-boss Yezhov. This earlier copy, which had been prepared for the foreign language press of the CPSU, was never released for distribution due to the confusion that followed Yezhov's falling from grace and the resulting immediate need for his likeness to be removed from all public photographic material. What has come to light now, is that not only was Yezhov airbrushed out of the photo, but Molotov was airbrushed in (!), with the true participant in this historical meeting being none other than Clifford. This new information has serious implications for scholars of both Soviet history as well as the Kennedy assassination. Consequently, a flurry of related dissertations and populist novels can be expected to be rushed to press within the coming year. Faced with increasingly vocal accusations of holding Clifford within Russia's notoriously opaque prison system, former KGB strongman and current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has denied any knowledge of the present whereabouts of Clifford. In response to what appears to be a Kremlin-led, nation-wide attempt to dodge the entire issue, Mr. Putin's exiled opponent Mr. Berezovsky has announced his organization will finance a large-scale investigation to follow up on solid leads from former Gulag convicts as to where Clifford may be held.

Evgeni Rozenshtein
Just spent here two hours... A very good two hours!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
How can one add to the wonderfully thorough coverage of the superlatives that apply to this photo!? I am merely commenting so that I can apply the highest of marks!! Bravo!!

Mike Scott
No way dude - don't throw away your camera. You need to sell your camera for the cash to buy the pot...

Alessandro Rossi
That's enough! I'll throw away my camera and start to smoke pot again.

Geoff M
What about that truck ??!! Personally I find the truck on the FAR left to be a bit distracting. Otherwise, it's near flawless.

Markus Biedermann
OK, I don't know Clifford I have to admit. But I spent an hour here now, trying to improve my English by reading the comments. Obviously this picture is the one with most impact to peoples communication I have seen until now on OK, rating now. Otherwise, why would I be here an hour?

Daniel dragon
Seeing Red I think are perceptions of a pretty picture an a real photograph change an grow with experience an time. In this case like a small child who seats belted in a car seat - their world is no further then the dash - we oh an ah at the crafts of paper plates an poster paper with half a roll of scotch tape. The Red dog is seen through a child's eyes an viewed as art - as the squiggles an gobs of pushed around fingerpainting we hang upon our fridge. It has to remembered that a person can be very old but in a artist world is still that of a child. An will turn out work that is far beneath them an they will never take a class or lesson or try an better themselves in art or life. Innocent fun that should be not be taken serious but of pranksters an jokers an college morbid humor - Photonet should make a section for the wannabe comedians - an a child section so people can help encourage an nurture budding artist instead of dealing with wasted bandwidth. Of course no animals were hurt during the making of this photograph an that is really the only positive comment.

Mark Crame
Still tops.

Anthony Irik
How about going on safari with Agnus the Desert Duck - she digs your passion for travel and loves being at the extremes of living - be that in a heat-sink in the desert or half way down an air-con unit. She loves the feeling of wind among her feathers - interested? - I enlcose one of her holiday snaps to whet your floppy-eared appetite..

Nicole Evans
If you stare long enough, you can hear him talking to you. And buddy, he is saying some whacked business.

Carol Elaine Cyr
Better late than never... I know it's been a year since this masterpiece was first posted, but I was only made aware of this site, and this work of art, within the last month.

I've wanted to comment before now, but did not consider myself worthy, especially with so many learned commentators (commentors?) before me. But, at last, I am driven to pitch in my two cents.

Colors: breath-taking. Subject: inspired. Originality: in a class by itself. Composition: a hair shy of perfection.

Yes, you read me correctly. I found the composition to be somewhat lacking, as there is a tad too much dashboard. I said as much to the artist (of whose film work I've been a secret fan for a number of years - his brilliance as Arnold Skamp still brings tears to my eyes) in an e-mail I was obliged to send to him after laying my ocular orbs upon the wonder that is Clifford on the Road.

As I told him, I think there is, perhaps, just perhaps, a little too much dashboard for my tastes, but otherwise... Breathtaking. To me, Clifford looks like he's being pulled backwards, hanging on for dear life, the gleam in his eyes one of desperation as he pleads with the viewer to save him from his horrible fate, whatever that may be.

Perhaps the fate of all photographers, professional and amateur alike, who realize that they can never hope to achieve such a masterful expression of the pain inherent to the road of life.

Had I a cap to doff, I would do so to you, Mr. Lawrence Spinak. *sniff*

J Alexeyev
absurd just unbelievable, all the praise --- odd reflection of the state of the world i guess

Federico Sartorio
Too bad there's not a Nobel prize for photography. I think Lawrence Spinak's work, and this one masterpiece in particular, should make the artistic and humanistic community around the world begin to seriously think about it. And yes, it is so sad that there still are some people out there who simply can't see the genius in this picture. Man Ray looks like an average amateur compared to Spinak.

peter miller
Effortless This image screams in my face. It is the guttural shouting of a zen monk achieving satori. When I look at this image, I feel my mind break into 10,000 shards; all worldviews become empty, they elude my clutching fingers as oblivion envelopes me. How can a picture cause me to want to quit my job and embark on a solo tricycle journey across the Yukon Territory? My own image is inverted, Clifford rises in fiery constellations across my inner sky.

Anthony Peterson
Now I know what Jack Kerouac was talking about.

Barry Goggin
Its not clifford!!! According to my expert beanie baby girlfriend, this is Rover, one of the original beanie babies. How could the photographer have led us soooo astray? Oh the horror of it all! Yet another scandal uncovered on

itai vonshak
This is by far the funniest thread on
Thanks to everyone for contributing :-)

Bente Nielsen
.....and this is how it ended for poor Clifford ...

Michael L
I dont get it I know my photos are not good or wateva, but this photo, and all the comments just dont make sense to me. Can someone please explain it to me. Some people have written page long comments about how amazing this "art" is, and how it has changed their lives etc. but it is a dog on a dashboard... if i took a photo of a stuffed toy and put it in my car and took a photo of it how is that art?? I may be missing something but i have looked and looked and looked but cant seem to see it.

K Galstad
best (the discussion) --- K

Brandon Harris
I laughed. I cried. I shook with emotion. Bravo.

Bryan Kannowski
hahah this is the first time i've seen this and although i'm laughing this went way out of control!

M.M. Meehan
Dammit Dummet After four years of fear and trepidation, I am still locked in my bathroom. Is Eugene the re-incarnated Edgar Allan Poe? Has he disappeared up his nether end only to appear as an all knowing head in this upside down world? Will he lead us triumphantly to the future world where lions will lie down with lambs, irregardless of color? Actually, I think he is just a shill for the much vaunted career of L. Spinak in the field of naturalist and not-so-natural dipictions on fast tracked videos of red dogs of War and Peace? uh? That was Spinak, wasn?t it? Will the logical explanations and cunning descriptions of G. (is that short for the G-man from somewhere South of Dixie?) devine the true identity of the infamous Red Dog of Another unsolved mystery of Dammit Dummet, do you know anything of these overt operations to subvert the true meaning of From your view from Down Under, we might get a view of Clifford that is equally juxtaposed to hot or cold temperature running high or low depending on the exact condition of the cold cojones. Using the temperature slider in ACR I believe you could probably define a limited degree of red to be used in any such situation and have the stamp of approval on the red temperatures approved world wide by the God, ADOBE. Praise be! In summation I have two questions: 1. Will the great L. Spinak soon present us with a Red Herring? Under water photography is an art in itself. Coral reefs, creatures of the deep, never seen before. Imagine! Why have the Elves never brought such expertise to the fore? Dammit Dummet ? oh sorry, You are too tall to be an elf. Maybe Elves fear water. 2. Would Doug Burgess hang this, in a size that would astonish all viewers, above his red couch on his mint green wall? 3. Would Marc G. be compelled to artistically blur the background in colors of a light gold nature to embellish the bright red of a dog obviously demanding attention. (Where are the Dalmations, when you need a fire extinguished or black and white film?) Onward???.

Geoff Arawa
Ummmm... I'm thinking about buying a dog with floppy ears, has anyone got any good ideas for a name?

Jan Piller
What's wrong with you people? You all extol the deep meaning behind this illustrious photo but you all fail to recognize the distressing and obvious cry for help the photographer has elicited through the photo. His torment and mental instability is sooo evident and just screams Obsessive Compulsive!! NOBODY has a dashboard that clean and free of dust. Wake up people. The haunted look in the dog's eyes are merely a mirror of a tortured photographer! Somebody needs to get this poor guy into therapy. And take the dog too.

Ray Brizzi
Cease and Desist "Clifford the Big Red Dog" is a licensed trademark of Public Broadcating System. The name should not be bandied about in this manner. First of all, this isn't even an officially licensed "Clifford" product. The color is much too orange, and the face is wrong. Please remove this photo from your website.

Josemi Gondra
Ethernal Clifford Mr. Spinach, I just want to add my contribution to this funny dog that - some years ago - created a long and well-based controversial forum on photography, road, image, policy and many other things. The image is simply GREAT- ENORMOUS. I do not want to repeat how many aspects are good in it, because the big audience did it well. For me, the best detail was made by Clifford ears up, that must be adhered with Araldit to the windshield or, perhaps, the driver is pushing the break very hard. Be careful, pls. call the road emergency services, our little dog idol is under big risk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUUUAAAAAA

Daniel Flather was better...a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Mark Crame
Bloody hell, I remember this one! 2001 / 2002, that's when really rocked. About the time I inherited a black and white camera which I used for photographing weasels... Flather, it's your fault, you woke a sleeping tiger!

Trisha Jean-Angela

Brilliant! I love this photo and the comments it has inspired have given me such a good laugh! Truly funny and creative people here at PN! Thank you so much for sharing and making my day! :)

Lex Jenkins

Why do all my love letters on this thread keep disappearing?


Clifford, call me.

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