Nuance #10

by Sousa Dias Nana

nuance sousa dias nana

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Published: Friday 1st of November 2002 08:22:20 PM


Angel Cuevas
Nana, why would you post your work if your not willing to listen to someone's opinion? If you don't want to hear others' thoughts, then you should keep your pictures in a binder and not show them to people. This is a cretique section, you should expect people to post opinions.

csab' józsa

Konrad Brzozowski

Mark Plonsky
As I noted on another forum, I think this is excellent work.

Detlef Klahm
tone quality is superb becuase of the lighting. the model look sensual ( much because of her wet her, mystery because of her face hidden and certainly we can`t forget a bit shy...great image

Piotr Kowalik
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Great tone.

evan iatrakis
Aesthetics 7, Originality 5 good light

Toby Tyler
Aesthetics 5, Originality 5 Lovely shot except for her face. Even a profile would be acceptable. I feel a great shot (lighting is superb)has been lost.

Dougity B
Maybe Toby was looking for a person, whereas Nana may have been interested in a figure, or a type, rather than an individual. I can understand wanting to see a face: it gives this wonderful body a personality, and an identity. I also understand it as a representation of something else. To Nana it could be either way since he made the photo and clearly had to interact with the model. To us, who have only a body and a white towel as references, it's a figure which may be used to represent other women, or Woman, or something like that. It's more of a symbol, maybe. In any case, it's a terrific shot, great lighting, wonderful printing. The towel adds a lot of mysery and I can't find anything to tag it on as far as what it could symbolize. Granted, Nana could have had no symbolic intentions at all, but as my experience with this image is, at this point, between the image and myself, I'm looking for something that will make sense of the towel. So, I will have to look at it a long time. No trouble there.

Mario Sales
One of the best photo's thatI have seen on Photonet. Awesome image, the lighting is perfect.

Axel Cordes
? Did Nana get lost? Where is your answer. I'm also interested why you wanted to hid the face. The lightning is very fine and the towel idea I like most. May be a towel-turban sligtly hiding the face would have worked also in your direction - Nana?! The best sailers always are standing on the landside - I dont have such a nude one in my pocet and while shooting I would also not think on this as I'm doing here now. But I use this forum exavctly for learing - and so I may avoid some common mistakes when the time is there. Keep on posting!

anish malanthara
face looks odd okay nude I guess, but the face could have been different.

John Cook
Greetings, Nana, Your work continues to catch my eye on this site as well as others. This image illustrates (for me) that art and technique together can be breath-taking. I am so tired of large format used only to photograph tree stumps. This image warms my heart and makes my eyes smile. Thank-you again, John

Kevin Gulstene
Congratulations on a wonderful image! The lighting matches your model's form beautifully. I think the turned head looks coyly playful, or shy while also flirtatous and sensual. All of this is consitent with the model's apparent age, fine form and pose. For me, the lighting, pose, and the model's form all come together to create an evocotive photograph. I might suggest two changes for the printing. Firstly burn in a little under her right knee secondly darken a little along the left edge of the print opposite her elbow and hips. This would add a little more balance to a wonderfully executed image.

Angie Hendrickson
hi.. i'm probably the youngest posting on here but that shoulden't matter.. I think this photo is wonderful the way it is.. her face hidden by her hair could suggest many things. It adds a sense of mystery and wonder.. You wonder what may be going on in the girls mind? Is she in despair? It's a very dramatic piece. I sort of got the sense that she was ashamed or embarrsed of her body. It's nice because it doesn't represent fake outer beauty, she's real. Not filled with plastic as most men would prefer breast to be. heh

William Lawless
Art This is the most difficult type of image to capture. You have done a really good job. I think the lighting is decent and the picture will stand up for a long time.

Nana Sousa Dias
No, it isn't! No, it isn't lost, Toby, this is MY PHOTO, I wanted to do it this way and there is a lot of people who like it, this way, you would probably like to see ANOTHER PHOTO, but you can always search it in another place, or take it yourself!

Scott Bulger
Nana, Toby's comments were merely his opinion. That's what this forum is for. Please don't be so upset that he thought it would be improved a different way. Instead, explain to him why you decided not to include her face, that would be much more helpful. I think the pfoto is fantastic as is. Scott

Joseph Davidchik
the sharpness is perfect...

Vicente Vazquez
A=7/O=6 Exceptional light and great model posture.

Daryl D
Self Portrait I like the shot. The lack of identity makes me wonder if this is a self portrait. Probably just a shy model, wanting to keep her identity in tact.

Brian McCaffrey
The hidden face could be part of a symbol/theme Nana, As with all of your posted photos the technical details are, contrast, etc. As far as the hidden face goes, were you trying to convey to the viewer poverty or man/woman equality issues or themes? My initial reaction is that this is an empoverished woman or one who feels unempowered. The way her face is lowered,turns away from the camera and is hidden by her hair (hiding), along with the simple white towel are the key features. If this is your desired effect, maybe a linen cloth or some other more primitive type of cloth could reinforce this theme, as opposed to the more advanced terry cloth. Could you share with us how you created this photo? I am particuarly interested in how you created the dark burn-in around the edges of the frame. (was it done in photoshop or the darkroom?) A wonderful photograph!

artistic nudes
beautiful model, beautiful shot

Janis Barbars

Detlef Klahm
natural beauty well presented

Dylan Ricci
Lovely I do not normally comment on female nudes, but this is an exceptionally powerful image. Your toning, lighting, composition are just superb. This is a very beautiful image of which you should be very proud.

David Montroy
Beautiful photo.

Wieslaw Zdaniewski
I definitely miss the face, but it is so much more difficult to compose a nude facing the camera with appropriate expression.

Frunze Verdi

norton bl
Nana: "No Face" Works for me, Great shot

Brad Kim
Great work of art.....!!!!

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Nana, this is a fantastic shoot. The lights are perfect, the composition also. The model not showing the face gave special "misterio" specially considering that she has a perfect body. 7/7

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