Sea, Sky & Rocks III

by Sousa Dias Nana

sea sky rocks iii pao darcos wista dxii kodak t max cokin orang sousa dias nana

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Published: Thursday 31st of October 2002 06:13:21 AM


choeN .
Trying to decipher your picture what I would like to know: how many seconds, what aperture, focusing distance, what time, weather condition, what filters? Your knowledge and ability to use that knowledge to create an image like this is of an utmost high level (In terms of Jedi you're like Yoda). OK, concerning my questions above, let me try to guess and decipher the image: I wanted to guess that this is taken in day time, due to the highlight on the rocks, but then I noted the lack of shadows that should accompany the highlight, with the sun coming from the right. Then I also calculated the exposure against aperture: this look like a f22, and no matter how many filters you put on, it would not dip below 1 second...which is not enough to create a calm like this (eroded rocks are created by the power of atlantic waves). So... Was this photograph taken at night time? I'd guess that you metered off the moon /late ambient light with perhaps a polarizer and a red filter, f22, 1.5 minutes? But then even with the waves having turned into mists, that still can't explain what looks to be like reflection of clouds in the foreground. Please please please, let me know your secrets... :D NEW: ok it's embarassing, I just read your tech details, you did use a polarizer and an orange filter...*shame on myself*...but this guessing was fun while I was doing it :D

Jim C
Very well done, outstanding, I really like this.

Maurizio Domba Cerin
Beautifull calming picture, almost unreal.

Guillermo Labarca
I dont have any smart comment, only that I hate you, I opened this page after working at some landscape photos of mine, I worked hard, I was somehow satisfied, now I am going to throw them away, prints and negatives, all of them. As you can see I am impressed by your photo: colour, texture, surreal mood, composition, etc. As I said above I dont have any smart comment.

Marc G.
Surreal... No flaw at all. But I can't really make up my mind whether it can or not be called "excellent". Maybe, probably. I'll probably come back to this image later. There is something so absolutely artificial about it, that I have an adaptation problem. TOO original, I guess, at least within this genre.

What's basically the cause of this huge question mark on my mind is the surreal contrast between blur and sharp in the foreground combined with the transparence of the water. Absolutely strange result here... Very interesting for sure... More later - if I find anything smarter to say...:-) Cheers.

Piotr Kowalik
Aesthetics 6, Originality 7 Superb light.

David Quilty
The quality of the light, the richness of the tones, the active foreground, the contrast of dark and light, the rough and then smooth textures, the over all balance, create a photo that demands admiration.

Nana Sousa Dias
Exposure Time The exposure time is 15s at f64. The strange, almost 3D effect in the foreground is caused by very calm water and long exposure.

Toby Tyler
Beautifully composed and lit shot. A contrast of the fluid and the solid elements. The eye follows the rocks in the distance to the object (boat?)on the horizon. Wonderful!

bob ortiz
realllly great...

Michel Girerd
Beautiful shot It has a 3D short of look...these rock are coming out of the picture!

David E. Bohn
The foreground has a "3-D" effect like I've never seen. Wonderful !!!!

Steve Poitinger
Superb. I don't care how unreal it may appear to some.

Rene Braun
My background I have added this picture as my desktop background. It will be there until I find another suitor but for the time being you are the best. I love it.

guilherme vieira

Jeremy Somerville
Very lovely picture, I love it!

Ernie Viskupic
Bravo! Your image leaves me breathless. It is unreal; surreal. Dali would've loved it!

Kezia S
Lovely dreamy quality. Frozen in time.

choeN .
Hi Nana, thanks for the email reply to my unqualified guessing above. F64? I've never come across or used a lens with such a small aperture...

gareth harper
Simply stunning.

Abdur Rahman Al Ghazi
Sea, Sky & Rocks III Very stunning. What was the exposure time, if you are remembering? Is the 3D effect because of water moving during longtime exposure, or just because the water is acting like same as one more lens?

Morey Kitzman
Interesting how the boat or structure at the horizon completes the picture. Great light.

Piotr Holowicz
I love your eyes! You really can use them. All your images are stunning.

Kevin Keller
B@W at it's tonal best.

David Holt
Very nice piece of work I very much enjoy this piece. Very peaceful, almost surreal look at the scene. Excellent the way you captured the hard texture of the rocks, and used a slow exposure speed to blur the waves and make them appear very soft. Great work.

sd adsada
Very nice shot!

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