Spring Water

by Minicucci Patricia

spring water stevenson dam minicucci patricia

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Published: Tuesday 20th of April 2010 04:48:17 PM


Gunnar Vaht

This is an attractive and strong image! Powerful moment with intersting details. The light at the top right corner is a nice addition to the composition and atmosphere. Thank you for sharing! Best regards.

Bulent Celasun
Comes roaring!

Judging from the thumbnails, I thought you might have considered a dyptich from these...

Still, they do stand on their own naturally.

For some reason that escapes me at the moment, I liked this square one more. Perhaps it shows the magnitude of the power of water better.

The bluish tint of the steel parts also strengthen the feeling.

Welcome back :)

Jack McRitchie

You post so seldom nowadays that I completely missed this beauty. It's a powerful picture. I'm not sure I like the strength of color in that patch of wall, upper right. Maybe toned down a little.

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