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Published: Tuesday 29th of October 2002 07:22:12 PM


damian mulinix
My apologies I felt that a title page with explanation of the story was appropriate. When viewed on my portfolio page it is the first in a series.-DKM

Tor Johnson
Where's the photo?

Gunnar Rieger
Aesthetics 2, Originality 2 Don't think this belongs here.

Cold Renistrowski
Aesthetics 2, Originality 2 ????

Reni Kommnick
why don't they understand that they are not supposed to rate this 'title page'?

Rodney Williams
Aesthetics 3, Originality 2 were do i donate?

Marc G.
Aesthetics , Originality Maybe, based on what the photographer wrote above, people should stop rating this page and have a look at the folder - no...?

Glen Burgess - Manchester, NH
I'm sure a lot of people do that drive-thru critique method. Without the rest of the presentation, this shot would cause negative reactions you see posted here. Perhaps adding a photo of some sort would help. I'm off to see the rest of this series. Cheers. ~G

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