Outdoors # 20.

by Amelkovich Igor

outdoors nude amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Published: Tuesday 29th of October 2002 03:32:33 AM


Marc G.
By far my favorite in this series - though there's another one I like a lot... What I find fantastic here is what she's doing in this place. Odd with such an outfit, and that paradox actually works wonderfully for me. Maybe I'd have liked her to be a tad more to the front and to the right. All else is perfect as far as I can tell, and very humorous. Brilliant work again.

Alex Swain
Aesthetics 6, Originality 6 Beautiful detail and tone. Sharp, well lit from the side. A dominatrix (or perhaps a domineer?) in high heels. Its a real trip and I love this shot. Not sure what I think about the edge choice, but otherwise. Dandy.

Paul Stenquist
Aesthetics 6, Originality 7 A fascinating composition that is made all the more interesting by it's ragged framing.

micha richter
Real Craftsman Hey Igor, lovely photo's throughout Your entire folder,beautiful lighting great poses fantastic work,especially the black and white are great(girl series)and even the -25C still look warm Cheers Micha

Stephen Gale
How? Where? Where does one get these great locations? And Women?? And Brooms? Great work!

Oliver Indra
This ones the winner! A very nice series you created! Brilliant focus and excellent lightning. Grees,

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